The e-commerce sector is flourishing. Smartphones have become a part of people’s daily life. They have moved way beyond merely being means of communication. The internet powered phones are the multi-tasking tools which educate, entertain, assist and simplify our lives. They also keep us connected with literally the whole world. Mobiles and tablets have also contributed to the rising trends in m-commerce, which is a part of e-commerce, which is growing faster than the internet boom.

Here are a few reasons why m-commerce is on the rise:

Speed and Accessibility

Smartphones are becoming better and faster with every passing day. With the increase in the speed of our devices, our attention spans have decreased drastically. We are in a technological phase where we want everything from food and products, to emotional validation quickly. M-commerce has become a hit precisely for the same reason. We all want to buy something at the very moment we think about it. If I have a conversation about an inspiring book with a friend, I open a few tabs and buy that book instantly from any place I like. Our first impulse is to get what we want immediately, and m-commerce satisfies that urge wonderfully. The instant shopping miracle has clearly made way into our daily lives, and needless to say, we are totally in love with it.

Apps and Mobile Responsive Sites

Everyone who wants to stay in business for a long way run has mobile responsive sites and smartphone applications. Mobile responsive sites are optimized for all types of device screens which makes them run smoothly across any kind of desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphones. This also increases the search engine rankings of their websites which gradually increases business. Providing mobile applications for their e-commerce sites has become indispensable for all types of big and small business enterprises. Applications are a good medium to stay connected with the users on a day to day basis. At the end of the day, being within the immediate reach of the users makes a huge difference to their revenues. Even for users, it’s an added advantage to get the best of both worlds right in our phones.

Simpler Check-Outs and Enhanced Shopping Experiences

Technological advancements have changed every aspect of our shopping experiences. M-commerce has gained momentum due to easier checkout options on various online stores. Life has become fast-paced, and we prefer fewer steps in completing our shopping experiences. Most successful stores are offering one-button pay options which have completely simplified shopping experiences. We don’t have to go through the hassle of entering card details or being redirected towards some third party for payments. One click and our payment get deducted instantly. This is as quick as it can get! Our shopping experiences have become richer, and our satisfaction levels have also increased with the rise of m-commerce.

Increased Security Measures and Personalized Promotions

The number one threat to our online experiences is security issues. Mobile sites and applications are becoming more and more secure with various advanced solutions. New policies like the GDPR has made e-commerce more reliable and trustworthy for users. We can now easily shop without any worries of online frauds or insecure data. Users are being catered with personalized promotions and relevant marketing. Our feeds are tailored to meet our preferences which save us a lot of time which we would have otherwise spent in digging our desired products, hidden deep within the various products' maze. M-commerce has made our shopping experiences beautifully personal.

Beneficial Impacts of M-commerce for business enterprises:

1. Increased Sales

The freedom to shop from anywhere has increased sales to an admirable amount and it will continue to grow in the coming days as well.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Users now have access to richer user experiences which are secured and backed by the latest technological innovations.

3. Better Analytics

Mobile experiences are set with the personal preferences and likes and fads in minds. Therefore, the reports and data collected to make the user experience better are more precise, detailed and useful.

4. Personalized marketing

Marketing got really personal and detailed, thanks to the more specific analytics available for m-commerce which has brought higher conversion rates.

5. Cost-effective

M-commerce functions with specific and result oriented marketing strategies which boost higher traffic to sales conversion rates. A higher value of money for businesses.

M-commerce is a not just a part of e-commerce but a gradual progression of e-commerce. It has become more prevalent than shopping from desktops and laptops. The big-players of e-commerce are generating huge turnovers by capitalizing on m-commerce. Watch out for it-it could make you or break you.

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