Do you want to get a glamorous look with amazing eyes? Get Mac cosmetics eye makeup in 8 easy steps. You will only require ten minutes of time for the make-up and the process of getting that desired gorgeous look is very easy. The process of applying eye makeup of Mac cosmetics is given below:
Step 1: Use Concealer of Mac Cosmetics to Prepare Your Eyes
The first make up to use while making your eyes look gorgeous is Concealer. This is used for covering up the circles that have formed below the eyes. Sometimes, bluish discoloration occurs under the inner eye, which can also be covered up with the help of Concealers. Apply 3 drops of the Concealer of Mac Cosmetics under each eye and start patting the same from the inner corner, followed by under the pupil and the outer edge, until the Concealer disappears.
Step 2: Apply Base to the Eyelid
Eye base is a very important ingredient in priming the eyelid so that the shadow remains at place for hours. If priming of eyelid is not done properly in the first place then the eye-shadow will merely become a greasy line in the crease.
Step 3: Use Eyeliner
There are two types of eye liners of Mac Cosmetics available in the market – pencil and liquid liner. Place the elbow on a hard surface, hold the eyeliner like a pen, rest the wrist on the face and then apply the same around the eye contours to highlight the eyes.
Step 4: Apply Eyeshadow
If you want to make your eyes look gorgeous then it is advisable to use a 3-toned eye shadow and apply it from the eyelid to eyebrow. The tones will blend into one another to give you a gorgeous look. In order to get such a look, use a light colour that almost matches the eyelid. Now, sweep the same light colour over the eyelid and apply it up to the eyebrow bone. This step is followed by application of medium colour across the eyelid only. Now, use a darker colour in the crease and blend them well.
Step 5: Use a Highlighter
In this step, the highlighter of Mac Cosmetics can be used in the inside portion of the eye, which highlights the eye and makes it more prominent. Try to use the lightest eye shadow in this case.
Step 6: Highlighting the Eyebrow
Now, it’s the time to highlight the eyebrow. The same lighter eye shadow should be taken and dabbed on the eyebrow bone. While applying the same, concentrate on the mid-brow outward. Fingers can be used for blending.
Step 7: Curl Eyelashes
Use an eyelash curler for making the long eyelashes even more beautiful and gorgeous. If anyone wants to add effects then the curler can be heated for few seconds under a blow dryer. In such a case, you should be very cautious in using the curler because you may burn yourself while applying the same.
Step 8: Apply Mascara
Now, use the mascara brush of Mac Cosmetics to paint your eyelashes, both upper as well as lower. Place the brush at the bottom of eyelash and move to and fro to get the desired look.
These are the 8 steps involved in making your eyes beautiful and glamorous. Buy Concealer, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner and Mascara of Mac Cosmetics to make your eyes look glamorous. You can get branded but cheap cosmetics at Wonderland Cosmetics. These discount cosmetics are available at 70% of the retail price even at this online shop. Get the Mac Cosmetics now from Wonderland at cheap price.

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Deborah Brown is an experienced and renowned beautician, who has been practicing for more than 20 years. She has now started to share her invaluable knowledge in increasing beauty of women through branded cosmetics like Mac Cosmetics. She also gave information on the sites from where women can buy branded but discount and cheap cosmetics.