New to MacBook? Here is a tutorial to get things set up your way.

The MacBook keyboard
The keyboard on MacBook is slightly different than a PC, like instead of Ctrl+C to copy there is Cmd+c to copy.

The MacBook’s Mouse and Track-Pad
If you have the latest MacBook, its trackpad features Force Touch that introduces a new level of interaction. Moreover, Apple decided against 2-button mouse, deciding it’s better to have a single way to click instead of 2. However, right-click is inevitable, and luckily you can right click by one of these methods

  • By pressing CTRL when tapping mouse button or trackpad
  • Using 2 fingers on the trackpad
  • Tapping on trackpad’s corner
  • Alternatively, by right-clicking new Force Touch

The Mac operating system: OS X
With new MacBook, you must be running OS X EI Captain. If you have slightly older MacBook, it is running an older OS. Find out if your MacBook can run the latest OS.

System Preferences and Mac Settings
After setting up your MacBook, it’s time for slight tweaking through System Preferences where you can control every aspect of printers to privacy settings, search to screen saver and speech to display.

Privacy and Security
If you do have an antivirus you must know how to remove dodgy antivirus software and Mackeeper refund. Regarding privacy, you can privately browse it in Safari. There is software for MacBook, iPhone and iPad which makes it possible to trace your stolen device.

Mac software
Mac comes with various free apps provide by Apple store including Mail for emails, Pages, Keynote and Numbers (an equivalent of Microsoft Office). So you need to learn how to use Notes, Safari web browser, Apple spreadsheet programs, Pages, Keynote and calendar on MacBook.

Photos on a MacBook
Apple made it easier to manage and share photos. Indeed these photos also appear on iPhone and iPad. So it’s better to check how to set Photo Stream and transfer photos on Apple MacBook.

Mac Monitors/Displays
Most if not all displays on MacBook are Retina that means they are high resolution. However, you are not limited to use the screen which your MacBook comes with, for instance, if you are using MacBook Mini you will need a separate monitor. So you can simply connect your Mac to 2 or more monitors. You can also use your old iMac as the monitor screen for another Mac. You can also attach your TV and use it as a display.

Backing up your Mac
Talking about hard drives, you understand it is critical to back up your MacBook, and for this, there is software for backing up your MacBook, and you will also receive an in-depth guide for how to back up your MacBook. If you need more assistance about backing up your Mac, use following Macbook Tutorials for details.

Installing Windows on your Mac
If you are not interested in part ways with your old operating system (Windows), you do not have to. You can easily run Window on your MacBook. You can use Boot Camp or VirtualBox for you to install and run Windows 10 on MacBook. Moreover, after some time if you decide to step away from Windows, you can delete a Boot Camp partition straight away from your machine.

Selling Your Old MacBook
If you are purchasing new, chances are you will be considering some ways to sell your older one. Before selling it, ensure that all the contents of your Mac are deleted. Then reset and restore original factory settings.

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Misty Jhones