Ranthambore National Park is popular for Royal Bengal tigers. This park is a resilient of many tiger stories. Though, this park is known to be a land of legends. The bustling Ranthambore brings exclusive footages and stories right from the Tiger wood. Out of many legends MACHLI or T-16 is the most famous tigress in Ranthambore National Park. The tigress died in 2016, was known for her camera-friendly boldness and her passion for living her life with a pride. Her elegant presence made the visitors heart to come out of their body. The fish-shaped mark on the left side of the face marked her uniqueness. She often had seen dangling out near the lakes of Ranthambore Fort, which is situated inside the park. Machli was renowned for her fabulous competitions with other animals. A number of documentaries have also been filmed on her. She got a world-wide applause.
Machli needs to be commended for her contribution in the steadily rising the population of tigers in the country. A proud mother of many litters namely-
• Sundari T-17
• Jhumri
• Jhumroo
• Sharmeeli
• Bahadur
• Two male cubs slant ear and broken tail

Quality traits of Machli-
Machli was not only beautiful but also a powerful being that had a strong grip over her region which mainly includes the Ranthambore’s palace, lakes and fort. Although being a, female tigress she always had a ruling nature and a powerful personality that at times used to defeat even the male tigers. She had been always caring about her kids. Her bravery tales are numerous but one is unforgettable, that is of her fight with a 14- foot long crocodile that has even created the history.

Awards given to Machli-
Machli awarded by the titles during her life such as “Lady of the lakes” and “Crocodile killer”. She won the lifetime achievement award for her involvement to preservation and tourist magnetism. Indian government issued a memorial postal cover and stamp to respect Machli for her biological and efficient contributions. Machli lived a long life and died in old age about 20 years which made her world’s oldest living tigress in the wild. The average age of a tiger’s life-span is 10-15 years. She had been the topic of many documentaries, short films, journals, books, and researches on wildlife.
Machli left a heritage which no other tiger in India can compete and she will always remain the empress of Ranthambore. Today, this magnificent tigress is not walking like a monarch in the jungles of Ranthambore National Park but her royalty still echoes all around it.

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