The government sector has to offer a large variety of jobs to the youth of today. All the jobs offered by them provide high income, along with power and prestige. The youth is highly inclined towards them, also due to the job security and the additional facilities they allot. Thus, if any vacancy arises for any government post, candidates in strengths of Lakhs appear for a single post. However, it becomes very difficult to select candidates from particular states or districts. Therefore, the government has appointed state commissions like, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh commission all over India. These commissions conduct exams in their respective states and select deserving candidates, which can later apply for central government.
Rajasthan Public Service Commission:
The Rajasthan Public Service Commission was formed in 1949, and has been serving the public interest since then.
It has done some commendable work in its glorious years, and successfully carried out the duty of recruitments, entrusted onto it by the Government of India.
The candidates chosen by the RPSC are known to be highly intellectual and often apply for the central government of India, due to their capbility.
It also gives opinions related to disciplinary cases; to the state government.
It conducts Senior Scale Promotion Exams for BCS cadre official and Department Exams for both cadre and non-cadre officials.
Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission:
The Madhya Pradesh commission aims at recruiting capable candidates for civil services of the state.
It conducts various interviews, exams, group discussions which are a pre-requisite to gain entry into the jobs offered by the civil services.
It can also recruit individuals through promotion based on their performance in the tasks provided to them.
The posting of the candidates would be made, based on their performance throughout and their ranking in the merit list.
The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission also holds the right and power to restrict special cases from appearing for the exam or to re-appear.
Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission:
The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission was formed in 1937, April 1.
It is an efficient commission which has been successful, since years, in recruiting capable and deserving candidates for various posts in the government.
It has its two main offices spread in Allahabad and Lucknow, where atleast 3000 recruitments can be done at one time.
Uttar Pradesh Service Commission is known for its hard work and strict recruitment methods. The standard of question paper is set very high by a highly trained team of professionals.
It is also responsible for carving out the entire framework under which the recruitment procedure takes places, which includes, preparing the syllabus, making question paper, conducting exams, interviews etc.
The best candidates from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh are selected due to the efficiency of these commissions. They set up high standard question papers and conduct challenging exams and interviews, so that only the best candidates are refined down and chosen for the offered post.

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