Dr. Venkatachalam and the Madras Joint Replacement Center have done it again. Whether you need knee or hip joint resurfacing or replacement, the Madras Joint Replacement Renter has firmly established itself as a global leader in orthopedic surgery. Individuals from around the world are traveling to India for knee and hip joint procedures.

One of those travelers is Stephen R., a British citizen currently living in Uganda. He received a Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure in India and was able to walk on his second post-op day. Diagnosed with primary osteoarthritis, Stephen’s x-rays and clinical profile showed that he was an ideal candidate for a hip resurfacing procedure.

A Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure is a viable and effective alternative to total hip replacement designed for active individuals who experience hip pain caused by arthritis, avascular necrosis or dysplasia.

Recent studies have determined that individuals who undergo hip resurfacing experience increased higher-level functioning and physical activity as well as reduced pain in the thigh following the procedure than those who receive traditional hip replacement procedures.

Another patient to benefit from replacement at the Madras Joint Replacement Center was a retired midwife from Uganda, who underwent a revision hip replacement with bone grafting roughly eight weeks ago. Her allograft bone was obtained from a state-of-the-art bone bank and was used to make up for the bone deficiency in her hip socket and femur.

Our midwife came to see Dr. V., as many of his patients fondly know him, because the cement used in her previous hip replacement in Uganda (which she received in 2004) had eroded. The Ugandan midwife had already experienced extreme bone loss in her upper thighbone, and moderate bone loss in the hip joint surface.

The stories don't stop there. Individuals diagnosed with avascular necrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple forms of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and "normal" joint arthritis have traveled to Chennai, India for orthopedic surgery at one of the world's most highly acclaimed and respected orthopedic and joint replacement centers.

Placid Way Facilitates Healthcare
Both Stephen R. and our Ugandan midwife were individuals who contacted PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource for affordable medical and dental care around the world. If you need a hip revision procedure, such as our Ugandan midwife or a Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure, like Stephen, Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam can help. He's a globally respected expert in a variety of orthopedic surgeries.

Among the most common joint surgeries performed by Dr. Venkatachalam are hip resurfacing, primary and revision total hip replacements. Hip revisions and replacements, durable knee replacements and elbow, shoulder and ankle replacements are also available at the center. Dr. Venkatachalam is also well versed in shoulder resurfacing, an effective alternative to a total shoulder replacement.

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