Welcome to Magaluf! If you're here to party non-stop from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, then look no further than the incredible £99 Ultimate Package!

This has been Magalufs most popular events package for the past six years. Over 800,000 party people have purchased the Magaluf £99 package for Magaluf’s ultimate party experience -- And it’s easy to see we why.

This summer Join over 5000 other Party People EACH WEEK; with TWO wild day events and SIX awesome night events Included!

This summer you will get to experience the much-hyped Sunset Boat Cruise - recently voted the best boat experience in Europe, along with the hottest club nights on the island- in partnership with MCP. This includes an A list DJ lineup of your choice along with either the infamous Magaluf foam party or the crazy paint powder. The Ultimate Package will also be bringing you VIP pool parties, the under-the stars full moon party, and the most instagrammable night of the summer-the famous white party- Plus much more!

Don’t forget when the holiday is over, we still party on with the UK Ultimate Reunion hosted by Geordie Shore Stars at one of the UK’s best nightclubs. Party the night away with the Geordie star OG's with live performances from UK Urban Artists and Kiss FM DJ's. Join us on our incredible Reunion club night to and meet up with the friends who became family in Magaluf this summer and together let’s see the summer off in style!

Don't forget your Ultimate Package-VIP fabric wristband is also included. This will get you discounts/ exclusive offers and VIP deals all day, all night, all holiday!

The Ultimate Package will save you well over €220 Euros compared to trying to buy the events here in resort! You can even just put a small £20 deposit down to reserve your spaces and pay the remaining balance when you actually arrive in Magaluf at one of our ticket shops! So, what you waiting for? Come join us on The Ultimate Package- we’ll make sure this is a holiday you'll NEVER forget! #NoPackageNoParty


Over 40,000 of you signed up to The Magaluf Ultimate Package last summer! That number is set to almost double for 2023!
So, what makes this £99 Ultimate Package so popular? Well, we are the only company that are actually based here in Magaluf- so we know the resort and the events here like the back of our hand! This also means you have peace of mind that a rep is always on-hand with any problems that may arise on your holiday! We are also the only established company who runs such events packages- this will be our sixth years now! We also know that you guys can see straight through the cheap online event packages that other online companies are trying to imitate the one we offer- unfortunately this pop up every summer! please please please do your homework- the reason the Magaluf Events £99 Ultimate Package is so popular is because of the quality of its events! Always ensure an events package includes Sunset Boat

Cruise for your boat cruise and not some fishing boat. (trust us, the fishing boat ‘boat cruise’ does exist lol) Events packages should also work with genuine licensed night clubs such as MCP - (biggest franchise of nightclubs in Magaluf )

You don’t want to be spending your holiday in ‘nightclubs’ the size of a shoe box which aren’t even on the magaluf strip! :) You will be left bitterly disappointed with many of these makeshift ‘events/ venues’ that feature in other packages, with many not even running or closing down to low numbers mid-season. Don’t have your holiday ruined this summer and stick with the guys who know what they are doing!

Contact our team today to discuss your events week.

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