Read this article to know in detail about how Magento has emerged as one of the most reliant and successful platforms for E-Commerce website development. Hire Magento developers in Sydney for the best services in this field. 

Almost every retail business has taken to the online platform because of the huge surge in demand for digital shopping. With the advent of digitalisation, it is crucial that the owners take to the E-Commerce platform to display their products and services, make sales and earn revenue. For an enriched business, most of these owners prefer to use Magento, one of the most reliant, open-source, PHP based framework that offers a variety of advantages to the users.  

The popularity of Magento is indisputable as it provides a multitude of features and extensions that one can reap unending benefits from. For small, medium and large online stores, Magento development in Perth provides engaging customer interaction and customer satisfaction, therefore contributing to the unending online growing market. It is also very user friendly so that E-Commerce can be customised as per the company requirements.  

Today, almost 60% of all online websites are powered by Magento. It is also a perfect choice for the developers who upgrade this platform from time to time so that it gets a robust foundation for extensive functioning. The Magento framework is also extremely flexible and scalable, entirely focusing on ROI based growth and business-centric solutions.  


There are several reasons why Magento forms the top choice for most online business entrepreneurs. These points are discussed in detail below.  


1. Accumulation of rich features

 Not all E-Commerce platforms provide for complex functionality. While Magento definitely offers a rich set of features, it works in the most simplified manner, ensuring complete protection to the online website and also driving towards business expansion. Magento offers features which suit the purpose of every business, with advanced search filters so that one can utilise it accordingly. Even during the initial stages of the business, Magento is very supportive as it consists of multi-language support features along with multi-currency payment modes. 

2. Product management

 The platform of Magento is capable of professionally handling the management of catalogues even if it consists of thousands of different products. For any kind of online business, this is highly beneficial. The sellers can import as well as upload a large number of products in the store list without any hindrance in work execution. One can further add details like the prices, comparison of the products, timely updates and discounts, creation of wishlist, classification and categorisation and many more. The owners can also manage them actively with the help of Magento extensions.   

3. Configuration

With the rising number of smartphone users everyday, mobile-friendly E-Commerce websites are also increasing. Magento steps in here by providing responsive themes so that the website gets configured for usage on a smartphone. It allows for a seamless mobile experience for users, through a smooth and intuitive user interface that reaches out to all.  

4. Scalability  

Magento provides for uncompromising scalability that is a must for every E-Commerce business. Given the situation of the market, the demand might see a rise anytime, hence Magento guarantees quality assurance even when the prices are peak high. Even during a crisis situation, Magento can support almost 80,000 orders every hour.  

5. Enhanced shopping experience 

Magento is one of those E-Commerce platforms which supports a one-page checkout procedure. More and more customers are drawn with the outstanding shopping experience that Magento offers. This includes not making the customer go through multiple unnecessary steps before the final purchase. When there is a glitch in the online payment system, it immediately leads to shopping cart abandonment. Magento makes sure to eliminate such errors, so the next time a customer makes a transaction, the details are automatically encrypted and saved on the application. This also helps in more business conversions.  

6. SEO friendly  

 Magento is extremely SEO friendly, supporting all the basic SEO features so that it ranks in the SERP. Magento offers an inbuilt SEO feature which includes search engine friendly URLs, appropriate tags, creation of site maps, traffic generation which enhances the performance of the website.  


Apart from this, Magento also satisfies their users by providing stringent security measures for the website as well as by offering multiple, additional extensions so that all the concerned businesses can progress towards futuristic growth and development.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a highly skilled developer associated with a leading company for Magento development in Perth named PHPProgrammers. In this article, the author has elaborated how Magento has emerged to be one of the greatest platforms for E-Commerce development.