M.A.G.I.C. is quite real.

It stands for:
According to

I believe in miracles or as I call them, “GOD WINKS”.

The Universe Provides

Think of something that happens in your life and then something strange happens but it’s not what you want. This is what I call a miracle. Let me explain.

On October 4th, Monday evening I was heading out to attend a Fellowship meeting at church. I went to get in my car but the car would not start. I assumed the battery was dead, and it was. I thought I had to buy a new battery.

Thank God the church was not far away. I called a friend at the church meeting and he came to pick me up. I called another friend I knew who had jumper cables to jump-start my battery. He came over Tuesday Morning. I am grateful to have Good friends.

The car started fine. He shared that if I let the car sit idle until I was ready to go to my next meeting the battery would be dead. I drove the car for about one-half hour to charge up the battery.

This is what we have to do with our bodies – charge up the brain to get both sides of the brain working together to give you more energy. We have to do a cross-motor activity to charge up the brain. I will talk about this more in another post. This technique helps many children with learning blocks. Exciting material. Anyway I got off my subject and the car.

I do volunteer work at a TV studio where I live. I was able to drive my car to the meeting and thought my problems were solved. When I was ready to leave the studio, 2.5 hours later, the car would not start. I was lucky my friend let me keep the battery cables in case I needed them. Sure enough I did.

I asked a few people to help and received different responses. Then I asked our sound-man at the TV studio, Gino Guarna. Gino I said, “you have had car problems so you know something about cars. I think I have a dead battery. I have jumping cables, can you help.” He said he would be glad to help. We walked out to the car and he started to ask me questions about my car. I thought these questions had nothing to do with the dead battery.

Question #1 “ How old is your car?”

I answered, “2 years old. I purchased it in 2008.

Question #2 “How many miles do you have on the car?”

I answered, “Less than 10,000 miles.”

This was the miracle. He said, “Do you know you have a warranty on your battery?” I shared I knew I had a warranty for the car but not a warranty on the battery. He went ahead and did jump start my battery. He suggested that when I got home to call the dealer where I bought the car and ask them about the battery warranty. So I did. Another miracle. Yes, I do have a 2-year warranty on the battery and the warranty expires in two days. Great guns of fire.

This past Tuesday afternoon. I drove to the car dealership and what I received was another miracle. They replaced the battery, Fixed a recall problem, did a full service, changed the oil, checked the brakes, and more. The total bill came to zero. It was all-free.
Yes, I believe in miracles. Now I call them GOD Winks.

What made the car battery to go dead at this time? The good Lord works in surprising ways. What does magic stand for?

According to

God bless,
I am very grateful

Life is good. I am blessed.

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth Barhydt is President and co-founder of Loving Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and teaching in touch healing. She is a Professional Kinesiologist using muscle testing as an avenue to determine energy levels in the body. Elizabeth is a massage therapist and a certified Touch for Health instructor. She is also a Life member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association. Elizabeth has over 30s years experience in energy balancing techniques for Stress, Pan and Learning Blocks

Elizabeth with her late husband, Hap have for many years been the originators of simple, yet profound self-help techniques to more people through learning disability, chronic pain and stress.

After being diagnosed with arthritis and for 20 years received cortisone for bursitis in her shoulders and lived on codeine for 25 years Elizabeth found the cause of her aches and pains, arthritis and bursitis, tendonitis,
Fibromyalgia, to be imbalances in the body-mind connection

She has a passion for her work with children and adults with learning difficulties. As a child in grade school other kids nicknamed her “MR”. meaning "Mentally Retarded." As an adult she corrected her dyslexia and went on to earn a PhD in psychology at age 63, never to old to learn.

She has a way of taking complicated techniques and making them simple. Her motto is:

Never again be stuck for an answer to that most common of questions,
"What can I do for myself?"

Elizabeth with her husband Hap taught the BARHYDT’S EDUCATIONALSELF-HELP TECHNIQUES (B.E.S.T FOR LEARNING) internationally in 13 countries, the USA and Canada
She walks her talk and used the self-help techniques while walking.
• With 2 herniated discs and a deteriorated left hip, at age 70 Elizabeth walked a 26.2 mile marathon in Honolulu, HI, without pain, for someone that was supposed to be in a wheelchair. The self-help techniques work in surprising ways.

She is co-author with her husband Hap of 3 books describing their techniques.

• “How to Relieve Stress, Pain and Learning Blocks without Pain
•. Children’s Self-Help, Improving Performance and Building Self-Esteem
In school, home and sports.
• Accurate Muscle Testing for Foods and Supplements
• Self-Help for Stress & Pain Video/DVD by Dr. Elizabeth Barhydt
• She wrote many articles on the psychological aspects of healing.
•She wrote a chapter of her life in an anthology book: Positive Power People “The Power of Loving in Personal Growth”