The Hype

Plenty of people are now buying shrooms online, from the magic mushroom micro dose Canada has to offer to the European variants, the craze is growing as are the sales.

The magic mushroom Canada has to offer is very competitive with the eastern European variants readily available on the market. Whilst many people believe that magic mushrooms are a thing from the 60’s, the surge of people buying shrooms online says otherwise.

Magic mushrooms are reported to have been used for enhancement purposes since 9000 BC, so they are definitely not a new craze. In the 1980’s magic mushrooms were used to treat acute psychiatric illnesses and to help patients in secure psychiatric facilities who were otherwise treatment resistant.

Whilst a more commonly asked question is “who made magic mushrooms a hype”, a far more interesting question is why the magic mushroom evolved to become “magic” and different to any other non-psychedelic mushroom. Whilst there is a lot of speculation to the reason, scientists and ecologists have said that it is more than likely fungi developed a psychedelic aspect to throw off insects that decide to feast on them.

Psychological Values

Magic mushrooms are known to actually hyper connect the brain, wiring it at the best of its ability, despite the user not necessarily feeling this affect. This was testing when a group of people were given shrooms and a group were given placebo, the shrooms takers reported feeling in a dreamy state and brain scans showed the controlled study had more brain connectivity than those that took the placebo. This was shown by voluntary MRI scans the participants agreed to.

Psychologist agree that there isn’t much that can permanently alter a person’s personality, however magic mushrooms are one of them. Users of magic mushrooms reportedly are more open minded for 14 months after taking magic mushrooms.

Despite speculation that magic mushrooms are grown in laboratories, they grow naturally and really can be found anywhere, they can be especially be found at the edges of forests and well grown areas.

A study performed on mice showed that the consumption of magic mushrooms “cured” the feeling of fear, they were 90% less likely to react with fear as a response to loud noise. This effect can be echoed in human beings as it can also eradicate the feeling of fear in humans.

Despite the benefits of magic mushrooms, it is also important that a person ensures they are in the right frame of mind when they take magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms can cause extreme anxiety for people with pre-existing mental health conditions so it is important if you have a pre-existing mental health condition not to engage in the taking of magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms have both positives and negatives, these must be weighed up and applied to the individual taking them. Magic mushrooms are available in many forms, the simple method of eating these natural growing mushrooms is now a thing of the past, from chocolate bars to lasagnes, magic mushrooms can be consumed in many forms.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis