If you are adhering to the Stott Pilates technique, perhaps with a view to rectify issues with back or hip alignments, then you may have already experimented with a couple of unique methods using traditional Stott Pilates equipment. The most fundamental form of this type of Pilates will highlight the significance of proper posture and perfect balancing of muscles before any other type of exercise. Seeing Stott Pilates DVD programs will exhibit the numerous benefits of doing this type of exercise regime. Once you have adhered to the fundamental courses, you might feel that you are prepared for a new challenge, one which will not strain your muscles, but which will enrich the fitness you are already enhancing by utilizing Stott Pilates DVD sessions.

One among the ways in which you will be able to gently improve the amount of exercise you are doing each and every day is with the Stott Pilates fitness circle. Also called as the magic circle or exercise rings, this fitness circle is developed to assist you improve your fitness through light resistance activities, and also help you to focus on your body when adhering to a Stott Pilates DVD. These circles have become really popular since their inception, as they permit users to tone their arms, hips and thighs while not having to spend hours in the gym.

There are several unique types of the Stott Pilates fitness circle, varying from a rubber ring, to plastic and even to metal. The most common type of model for the circle is one of light, flexible metal that gives a small amount of resistance, but which is also moveable. Few of these circles could be extremely flexible, and will often end up as ovals or even twists of metal. People with larger muscles who are performing Pilates as part of a recovery program may want to look towards few of the heavier Stott Pilates fitness circle materials with a view to stop the ring from becoming damaged.

The circles can also be tailored to suit the needs of your DVD sessions, so for example if you should hold the ring in a specific way, then you might want to get extra padding on the interior of the circle. This permits you to hold the ring in a number of unique ways, that are not usually comfortable when you are utilizing the ring as it comes from the manufacturers. For example, pushing the ring from the inside may be a lot more pleasant, and more successful, if you have inside padding, and you might even find other gadgets designed to assist you with the process.
Many people are embracing Pilates. It is a great form of exercise for both toning and strengthening the muscles throughout the body, as well as preventing injury and back pain.

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