Healing is sometimes seen as miraculous. People in different cultures throughout the world and throughout the centuries have been "cured" of diseases deemed incurable by the medical authorities of the particular time or location. Healing can sometimes appear to occur by magic.

Dr. Steve Taubman, a world renowned entertainer and hypnotist who helps businesses harness the power of the subconscious mind to achieve their desired results, describes the power of hypnosis as follows:

*"I am, among other things, a magician. In that capactiy it's my job to catch people off guard; to astonish and amaze them. I use magic to entertain, but I also use it for a higher purpose; to wake people up to their true potential....I view matic as transformative....it represents the impossible....it represents metamorphosis....magic creates a moment of astonishment which is one of the most powerful ways...to quiet the mind...And finally, magic is about perception. Neurobiologists now validate what magicians have known for years...What you think you see is often not what is."

Healing and transformation of your physical, financial, social, emotional and even spiritual concerns and problems does not happen by continuing to think the same way, do the same things and hold onto the same beliefs. Healing occurs through a broadening of perspective, an expansion of vision and a trust in unseen forces.

If you are willing to explore the underlying processes of your mind, your heart and your perceptions, you will then have the potential to create whatever it is you want to have or be in your life. As you gain that inner clarity and inner connection, you develop an uncanny ability "to influence, inspire, empower, and redirect" yourself and others.

On Tuesday, April 27, 2010, you will have a rare opportunity to meet this amazing healer and transformer in a special one hour teleconference hosted by Dr. Erica Goodstone will be hosting the call. Think about any questions you might want to ask about healing your emotioins, your finances, your relationships or some other aspect of your life. The key to healing is your subconsious mind. And Dr. Steve Taubman holds the key to how your subconsious truly works. Ask a question at http://www.ASKSteveTaubman.com.

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Dr. Steve Taubman, America's keynote hypnosist and bestsellng author of Inner Selling and UnHypnosis, will be interviewed live by Dr. Erica Goodstone in a special one hour teleseminar on Thursday, April 27, 2010. To reserve a space and ask Dr. Steve a question, go to http://www.ASKSteveTaubman.com

Dr. Erica Goodstone is a licensed and nationally certified mental health counselor, marriage therapist, and massage and bodywork therapist. She uses a unique type of somatic body psychotherapy, The Rubenfeld Synergy Method, to assist clients to let go of habitual tension patterns and allow their brains to develop new pathways for healthier living and loving. Her web site is http://www.DrEricaWellness.com, Her FB page is http://budurl.com/HealingThroughLove, and her blog is http://CreateHealingAndLoveNow.com/blog