For those of you that have been in practice for more than a couple of years tell me if you have ever experienced this scenario.

You are on your way to the office and as you drive into the parking lot you get the funny feeling that you WERE JUST HERE! Time and space warps and you suddenly feel like you are in the movie "Groundhog Day!" The day ahead of you looks and feels identical to the day you had yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and ..............


you are in the middle of a report of findings with a practice member and you suddenly feel yourself having the equivalent of an "out of body experience." You see yourself sitting there like some sort of a talking head rambling on and on to this person in some sort of "autopilot" mode. There is no passion or excitement in your voice and you realize that you have become the equivalent of a robot and you are deeply entrenched in a rut in your practice!

This experience is so common in our profession ........ and in our world ...... yet it is not necessary and I have a cure. The cure is magical in both its effectiveness and it's simplicity. In fact we call this cure MAGIC MOMENTS.
Magic Moments are those special moments in your life that really make life fulfilling and complete. Many of the great philosophers over the years have stated that life is simply a string of moments held together by the fabric of time. Why not make those moments special and meaningful and memorable for yourself and those that you have the privilege of interacting with?

Magic moments need not be expensive nor take a great deal of time. Much of the magic comes forward in the process of planning and/or executing the moment and therefore is tied to your intent in making the moment magical in the first place.
Magic moments are a very individual thing as what I find magical and meaningful may not be what you would find magical and meaningful. However I thought I would share with you some of my favorite examples in three areas of my life that have served me well at keeping the spark alive in my practice and my life.


A handwritten thank-you for having the privilege of serving them in my practice is one of my favorites. So few people take the time to acknowledge others in their life or show their gratitude for the important role they play in their lives. Even fewer people are willing to write it down and even fewer still are willing to hand-write it. I love giving these as much as I love getting them.


A fresh bouquet of flowers with a simple handwritten note thanking them for doing such a great job is a simple and effective way of expressing your gratitude to your team members. It is something that you and every other person that comes into the office for the next week can enjoy and benefit from because of the elegant beauty and great fragrance they offer.


After ensuring I have the kids looked after and a sitter in place I like to surprise my wife by taking her out to dinner on short notice. The way I upgrade this to make it even more magical is to take her to her favorite restaurant and have roses and her favorite wine waiting for us when we get there. Ahh, the magic of expressing your love and appreciation in physical form!!
Planning, executing and living your life in your ideal and ensuring there are magic moments built into every day is a definite cure for "Groundhog day itis" and keeps the spark in your life and your practice alive and glowing brightly. The benefits to your personally and professionally are obvious indeed!

Author's Bio: 

Over the last 12 years Dr. Tom has coached thousands of docs and private business entrepreneurs HOW TO design and manifest the life and business they desire and deserve through his proprietary 4 pillared coaching process. A successful author and trainer he has spoken at more than 200 chiropractic and wellness focused seminars and meetings all over the world.

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