I can’t tell you where the yearning came from, or where my love of Ireland originated. But I can tell you that the desire to go there has always been strong in my life. Up until one year ago, I didn’t even know I was part Irish. Like many of you, I consider myself a mutt, and I still do. I just added Irish to the ancestry mix, thanks to DNA testing.

So where does this “home” feeling originate from if you’ve never visited that location? I believe it would be logical to assume that there was past life experience. There are quite a few places that I have been throughout my life that have held the energy of a familiar home-like place. For me (in the states anyway) those locations are Kentucky, the western side of New York state, and Florida. It’s a déjà vu type of experience. A knowingness, a recognition, the absolute certainty that you have been in the location before even when in this lifetime you have not. I’m sure many of you understand what I’m talking about, and do recognize that it is such an odd sensation.

When I talk about Ireland, I often sense the wonder and fantasy that surrounds this beautiful land. And of course, the thought of whimsical, mystical and mysterious leprechauns come to mind. Many believe leprechauns to be a fae-folk, a fairytale or the meanderings of an imaginative child. My question is, does it matter what a leprechaun truly is? Does it bring you joy, doesn’t a leprechaun put a smile on your face? First and foremost, if it does no harm and if it puts hope in your heart, let that imagination run wild - like a child.

Throughout the years of working with the spirit, I’ve learned one thing, and it’s been a pretty important thing at that. It is that the use of the imagination is one of the strongest gifts that we All possess. With that imagination, we can create, over and over again, and we can build anew. Our thoughts, dreams, and lives are limitless.

So how does the leprechaun figure into this limitless-ness? Folklore of the leprechaun is said to be over 1000 years old. As the folklore states, if you keep seeking that “pot of gold” you’ll eventually find it. Anything that we continuously seek, whether it’s personal perfection, riches, a higher purpose, that is your “pot of gold”. It reminds me of the poem by T. H. Palmer, Try, Try Again.

'Tis a lesson you should heed,
If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try again;

Then your courage should appear,
For if you will persevere,
You will conquer, never fear
Try, try again;

Once or twice, though you should fail,
If you would, at last, prevail,
Try, try again;

If we strive, 'tis no disgrace
Though we do not win the race;
What should you do in the case?
Try, try again

If you find your task is hard,
Time will bring you your reward,
Try, try again

All that other folks can do,
Why, with patience, should not you?
Only keep this rule in view:
Try, try again.

Regardless of where you are in your life, where you have been, or where you’re going, your determination, your idealism, and imagination will help you not only clearly focus upon your ultimate goal, but also achieve that which you desire.

When you’re drawn to a particular land, goal, or idea, know that it’s there for a purpose. Is it a past life recollection or as a spirit directive as to where you are meant to be in the future? Even if you don’t have that knowledge, please understand that it there for you to focus upon. It’s there for you to pay attention to, learn from and embrace.

Whether you have the luck of the Irish on your side or you are one of those people who need to try, try again, don’t give up on your ideals. They are not a fairytale!

© 2017 Lisa Bousson

Author's Bio: 

Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomenon for more than five decades, Lisa began seeing spirit at the young age of four years. Around the age of six Lisa knew there was more to this world than what we see in the here and now. Information was imparted to Lisa about living multiple lifetimes and thus began her deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, reincarnation, and the possibility of communication with those in-between lives.
Today, Lisa’s communication with departed loved ones and ancestors have touched thousands of people worldwide. Lisa is a Survival Evidence Medium, meaning she is able to bridge the gap between that of the living and the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages and proven facts.
Lisa has written countless articles, which have been featured on websites, in print magazines, and her own personal blog. Her first book, The Lessons Of Jesus Christ, was published in 2013. Her book, The Visible Energy Around Us: A 4 Week Guide To Reading the Aura is a self-study class you can take at your own pace. Two more books are in the works; From His Lips: 365 Daily Devotions From Jesus Christ and Tracking; Following Your Loved One’s Passage To Heaven . She has made appearances on television and radio and co-hosted on CBS and Blog Talk Radio. Lisa teaches spiritual development classes and holds public Spirit Galleries nationwide.
Lisa has presented at a multitude of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Consciousness events. Her sense of humor as well as her vast knowledge of the subject matter make her an internationally sought after speaker, presenter and instructor.
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Lisa is continuously updating her skills in the fields of Mediumship, Spiritual and Personal Development, Metaphysics, and Parapsychic Science. She is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.