Some years ago, there was at my feet was a stone, a crystal really. I would have walked past it if the moonlight failed to reflect it in just the right way. I picked it up, blew off the dust and watched as the light was reflected through the prism. It was as if in that moment I was connected to this crystal and it was connected to me. It called, I listened. I tried to set it aside, I couldn’t. I was mesmerized. Without this, a new lens, I would have only continued to see at what I had always seen. I put it up to my eye and looked deeply into the crystal. The reflective lights through the facets of the stone would shine new colors on what I thought I saw. The landscape was now different. The path I would walk in my sleep now held new meaning and dimension.


Our perceptions may be our greatest allies or our most formidable foes. For within them hold the ability to display our limitations that will increase our frustrations, or they may allow our imaginations to soar.

Perceptions, individual or shared are our personal world views. The more limited one’s perception the smaller their world-view. The greater our perceptions the more we understand. New directions, newer possibilities—worlds open before us. Consider Christopher Columbus who sailed in the face of a flat- earth belief. Today we know his charts were wrong, yet his perception was correct. When he returned with proof of new worlds, the rest of Europe let go of their flat-earth belief and would also profit from something new.

Individually we go through our lives; we plod along and suppress our dreams. As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP™ I am a change-master. People come to me with their limited beliefs and with some mental exercises in new perceptions, they let go of their old and become excited about the new elements of their lives. Their fears, albeit irrational, are real. They are locked into their nervous system and it is my job to free them. They perceive the rest of their world as a shared reality. A chair is a chair, as solid as we are. If someone’s perception came through the lens of a fear—a height phobia for example, place that same chair on the edge of a balcony and they may not even see the chair beyond their fear.

We constantly chart courses for ourselves. We plan and readjust based upon what is commonly referred to as reality. Real, but to whom? Individual reality is merely a perception. Shared realities are shared perceptions. Like fingerprints, no two realities, no matter how closely shared are the same. Consider this when parents perceives their children in some way. Children attempt to fit into the parents’ perceptions. In some cases it is a fine fit. In most other cases, the child must take extra time in order to become their own person based upon the child’s own perceptions and then deal with the expectations of the parents. Reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The sooner we come to terms with that fact, the happier and more productive individuals we will become.

What I saw, so many years before would transform me because of that night. Nothing is as is seems. The profundity of my understanding is still being sorted out. This has extended to each morsel of food I eat and each drop I drink has new meaning through my new found Multi-Dimensional Understanding™

© 2009 Jeff Schoener, Neuro-Enhancement Strategies, Inc.

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Jeff Schoener is the only licensed NLP™ Wordsmythe. He is a Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of NLP™ and a Design Human Engineer by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. Owner of Neuro-Enhancement Strategies Inc Author of Just Before… The Memory & Sensory Enhancement Guide Book; Creator of ‘The Caregiver’s Relief Kit©’ and Cellular Acceptance© Healing Audio Workshop and Guide Book. Coming Soon ‘The Caregiver’s Relief Kit Professional’s Edition©’