Designer shoes get the best look when a lot of patience and passion for excellence is put into the making. These are the two virtues that put any designer shoe on a different league than others. One such brand is Magnanni shoes that look awesome and offers unmatched comfort. This brand is known for its glove-fit quality that offers exceptional grip and complements the stride of a person beautifully.

Magnanni – the tradition of excellence

Magnanni shoes are a product of a family run business located in a place called La Mancha in Spain. This is the place with a rural feel and is known for a relaxed pace of life. So, the artisans employed in the making of Magnanni shoes bring with them their inherent virtue of patience which reflects in its impeccable design. Right from its typical patina look to the awe-inspiring sole, the shoe has something unique about its every part. The shoes are handcrafted using the best of the hands and every entity engaged in the making offers the final product the designer-grade quality.

Materials that add to its shelf-life

Magnanni shoes are known for their extended shelf-life. The shoes retain their agile look longer than the others. This quality is attributed to the material that goes into the making of these iconic adornments for feet. Some of the best quality materials like alligator, crocodile, calfskin, and lizard are used for making the leather that refuses to weather even in extreme conditions like snow and rain. The leather is processed through an in-house mechanism to attain the best in terms of quality.

Exceptional quality stitched look

Magnanni shoes get their designer look due to a high-quality stitch typical of this brand. If you want to spot a Magnanni among the rest, you can take a look at its sides. The sole is extended and stitched to the upper side of the shoes to create an eye-catching style. This is a typical style of stitching imparts an attractive exclusiveness to the look of these loafers.

Antiqued look shoes

Painting is another aspect that makes Magnanni shoes what they are. These shoes are hand-painted to create different shades of the leather which impart these an antiqued look. Magnanni shoes are the style at the best. These get such an amazing style by employing the artisans who get the job after stringent training and quality check of their work.

They call their workers artisano. It is a position that any worker earns after showing exemplary quality in their work. So, the makers are as special as the shoes are and that is why the buyer is ought to feel special when they wear these iconic shoes from Spain.

Looks, style, comfort and long-lasting performance – Magnanni shoes have it all. If you are searching for authentic designer shoes, you can buy magnanni shoes from Berleigh where these designer shoes come with a price tag that is quite within reach. Owing to all the qualities mentioned above, these shoes deservedly are called designer wear, which you should certainly add to your wardrobe.

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