It seems that in today’s world we are bombarded with people screaming, “women need calcium”. There is so much fear of getting osteoporosis. People are taught that for strong teeth and bones, “You Need Calcium”. The truth be known, you need much more magnesium than calcium. Take for example the ratio of magnesium to calcium in the bones. There are two magnesium’s for every calcium. For strong bones, you need magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and boron.

Since magnesium is so important in the bones, where else is it found? Magnesium is found in every cell. It helps the cell to calm and rest. If it is a muscle cell, then it is also full of magnesium. When calcium rushes in it triggers a reaction in the cell that stimulates cellular activity. Therefore, if you are low in magnesium, the cell cannot return to a restful state, which then causes stress and fatigue to set in.

The heart is the biggest muscle. When heart attack patients are admitted to the emergency room, the first thing they get is intravenous magnesium in an IV. A heart attack can be caused by many things. The lack of enough magnesium can be one of the most important things to watch for.

So why is magnesium so important? Magnesium is required for the production and transfer of energy from protein synthesis for contractility of muscle and excitability of nerves, plus it is a co-factor in a myriad of enzyme systems. Most Americans don't get enough magnesium in their diet. Studies say the intake has been dropping steadily over the last 100 years. Coincidentally, or maybe not, blood pressure has been rising over the last 100 years.

Magnesium combats acids, toxins, gases and impurities, in addition to cooling the body. It benefits the brain through the neutralization of phosphoric by-products of heavy brain activity or over consumption of phosphorus foods. Humans must have the biochemical form of magnesium. Magnesium assists in the body's uptake of both potassium and calcium. A magnesium deficiency promotes deficiencies in calcium and potassium. Sixty percent of tissue magnesium is located in the skeleton. Most of the rest is found within the cells. Magnesium is required for the activation or structure of more enzymes than any other mineral. Many magnesium dependent enzymes cannot use any other mineral as a replacement for magnesium. So it is easy to understand why magnesium is so vital to our well being.

Where does magnesium come from? Magnesium is a mineral from the earth and is found in leafy green vegetables. So if you do not eat green vegetables, you have to have another source of magnesium.

Those who are magnesium deficient often run into a similar problem. By the time they get enough supplemental magnesium to solve their deficiency, they get diarrhea. This is because the form of magnesium they take must go through the digestive tract and is absorbed at the wrong time. This includes magnesium tablets, capsules and powdered magnesium.

Digestion is the process in which food is broken down to make the minerals available. So having a predigested, or bio-available mineral supplement will both help absorption of that mineral and in the case of magnesium, prevent diarrhea caused from absorption at the wrong time.

Many mineral supplements are in liquid form. These are absorbed at a much higher rate than tablets and capsules. Once in the category of liquid minerals, size is now an important factor. All minerals are on the periodic chart. The smallest form of a mineral is one atom. Thus, mono atomic (one atom) minerals are the smallest and most absorbable form of minerals. True chemistry tells us that there can never be a mineral smaller than one atom or it is no longer a mineral.

For the most health benefits and the most mineral absorbed for your money, choose mono atomic minerals in angstrom size. While they cost more up front, they are cheaper in the end because of absorption factors.

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Jason Brunson is the owner of HealthShop101. Working in a vitamin and mineral packaging plant as a young man has helped him to realize the benefit of absorption and efficiency of absorption factors. HealthShop101 represents the nutritional supplements that he uses on his family so you know they have to be quality. He has spent the last 20 years gathering the nutritional supplements that make difference in his life and now they are available to you direct through HealthShop101.