Selection of right equipment for magnetic particle testing is not an easy task. You have to be careful and vigilant about various things. Here are a few things that make the job easy. You will surely have the drawing of the part that is going to be inspected. It will give you an idea about size and weight. Also, the geometry of the part will be clear to you. This information has to be passed on to one of the magnetic particle testing equipment manufacturers India you have shortlisted.
Why do you want to do magnetic particle testing?
There are many reasons for it. You want to plate or paint the part; it is a moving part; it will be electrically welded later. All these applications require demagnetization. The inspection system uses a demagnetizing coil for that. If you want to add it to the equipment, then it has to be included in the product specification. To summarize, you need a step by step evaluation while choosing the right equipment for magnetic particle inspection. The characteristics of the part, the nature of discontinuity, and budget are prime considerations. Quality of the equipment has to be checked before the purchase. Safety concerns related to your facility need to be addressed as well. Placing of the inspection equipment should be done as per industrial safety guidelines.

Surface or subsurface current

What are you going to inspect, a service part or a manufactured or processed part? Suppose you want to inspect a shaft. While checking it at the time of manufacturing, you need to find subsurface indication. Using Direct Current or DC is the best means to accomplish this task. In case of surface indication, AC or Alternate Current is used because stress cracks begin at the surface. While you send specifications to one of the leading equipment manufacturers in India for magnetic particle testing, it is essential to tell whether the inspection will be done manually or by automation? If you omit the time required to inspect the part, which is an important aspect, then there could be an error in designing the equipment. The process rate will mismatch the inspection rate. Either there will be a bottleneck or idle time while processing.

Direction and strength of the magnetic field
The direction and adequacy of the existing field have to be adequate in relation to the direction and size of the discontinuity. It can produce a good indication at leakage points of the field. The instrument you are using for magnetic field checking should not use too much current as it will create too much background. The part could be damaged because of arcing. Magnetic particle testing equipment manufacturers in India are made after analyzing the right field strength and direction. Budget is one of the key considerations while purchasing equipment for magnetic particle testing. The price range varies considerably. You have to decide how much money do you want to spend on it.

What makes Magmatic the number one company?

Established in 2011 in Bangalore, Magmatic has rapidly made a significant presence in the field of magnetic particle testing equipment manufacturing. It is managed by a team of seasoned technocrats who are experienced for more than three decades on NDT. Being one of the most technically managed companies, it leads the bandwagon by offering innovative solutions to the clients. It is regarded as a valuable and trusted partner because of its customer-centric approach. Whenever the clients are in search of inspection equipment, service calibration, accessories, and consumables, they trust Magmatic.
It has collaboration with top international companies like Markteck Japan, Opcoms Germany. The company has a widespread sales and service network spread across India and the world.

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Magmatic Established in 2011 in Bangalore by experienced technocrats with wide experience in the NDT field spanning 3 decades.