Magnetizing Abundance with The Power of the Spoken Word

Prosperity isn't just the accumulation of things! Prosperity is the CONSCIOUSNESS that ATTRACTS the things! It is a way of living and "being." We all have words that resonate strongly with us -- words that inspire us and just make us FEEL good. There is tremendous power in the spoken word. Words have their own energetic vibration and they can uplift us and fill us with true bliss and soul-FULL inspiration when we use them consciously, positively, and effectively. Words affect the results we get in our life, so if we become aware of what we're saying, we can powerfully transform the quality of our lives. At every moment, one of the most significant question we can ask ourselves is, "What am I feeling right now?" The answer will determine what follows in our life. As we become aware of our feelings and the power we have to direct our lives with our thoughts, words, and actions, we can CREATE the abundance we desire!

As I strive to maintain an attitude of gratitude and a mentality that is focused on abundance, wealth, and prosperity, I love affirming the beauty that is already in my life with words that resonate with those very things. A few examples of the words that seem to directly tap into that stream of abundant feelings are: lavish, over-flowing,flourishing, limitless, plentiful, thriving, rich, and bountiful. The energy of the word "prosperity" has more of a flow to it than the word "money." Listen to the word "prosperity" as you say it out loud and resonate to its vibration. You can feel similar resonance of the words that I used above to define prosperity, as well.
Abundance resonates with words and ideas like joy, love, appreciation, and wisdom. Abundance isn't really physical thing, although we use it to manifest things in the physical world. We can't physically see abundance, we can only see manifestations of abundance! In the same way, we can't see love or joy or wisdom, but we can have feelings, pictures, and examples of the manifestations. All energy comes from Spirit, and Spirit is abundant, infinite, unlimited!

All of these powerful words are tied to FEELINGS, not physical things. Therefore, when we get ourselves energetically focused on positive FEELINGS, we will naturally draw experiences into our lives that mirror/match our feelings! If we focus on everything we're lacking and remain STUCK in that energetic vibration, we are going to continue to draw experiences that perfectly confirm those feelings of LACK. When we consciously (on a day to day, moment to moment basis) develop the powerful habit of recognizing that wealth is just an energy force that can be tapped into whenever we choose, we become the powerful creators we were meant to be! It's a powerful thing to realize and embrace the truth that we can access the limitless faucet of abundance through our thoughts, words, and feelings at anytime!

The universe always matches whatever vibration we are giving out and effortlessly brings along a matching experience. Therefore, when we focus on maintaining positive feelings and speaking positive words, we are magically controlling the external conditions of our lives because those conditions always arise from our state of "being." In other words, joy-FULL conditions are created from a joy-FULL internal state, and unhappy conditions are created from an unhappy or negative internal state. When we maintain, with moment to moment attention and awareness, a joy-FULL state of gratitude, we will speak words that reflect that state of mind/being. Whenever negative thoughts, feelings, or words about money and abundance drift into our minds, we can consciously choose to shift that vibration and energetic state by thinking, saying, and feeling something that is more in line with the things we WANT in our lives!

When we choose to live with the consciousness of abundance and surround ourselves with the ever-present richness of nature (one of the physical manifestation of abundance) we can touch that joy through our feelings. We can make a commitment to put the past behind us, especially if the old ways of "being" didn't serve to attract what we really wanted into our lives! It’s time to focus on what we WANT- peace, love, joy, success, abundance, wealth, and spiritual well being! We need to choose the right words to change the old, limiting stories in our minds. We must choose the words that will manifest SUCCESS, and we have the power to do that!

Notice how your world starts getting better, with each passing day,when you become more positive and consciously choose thoughts, words, and feelings that make you feel GOOD! You CAN create an extraordinary life for yourself beginning today! When you recognize that true prosperity and abundance stem from a deep place within you instead of ineffectively chasing prosperity from the outside- in, you will finally know the meaning of INNER PEACE and ABUNDANCE.

P.S. Remember that your word is your wand!

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