India is a country where people have various religious beliefs, wear different types of dresses, and belong to different culture and food habits. India is divided into many states and union territories so that the states could be handled properly but the basic fact for all the people remains the same. All of us are Indians. Most of us start our day with the newspaper in hand. Each one of us wants to remain updated with the recent events happening around us. Most of the people in India are Hindi speaking still there are many regions where people are not very much conversant with Hindi and English. The Maharashtra people would like to get the Maharashtra news in Marathi so that even the people from the remote places could get updated and learn from the various discussions broadcasted on the radio or television. Jammu Kashmir news is well accepted if it is delivered in Hindi and Dogri language which are the most commonly spoken languages of that region. People belonging to Tamil Nadu would like to know about the TamilNadu News in Tamil language.

Every region of India has news telecasted based on various aspects. These ares-

• Politics
• Education
• Developmental issues
• Business
• Entertainment

Maharashtra news has the priority for the politics and entertainment a lot. Tamil Nadu news covers about the politics, social issues and movies. Jammu Kashmir faces lots of problems in the region so most of the Jammu Kashmir news covers those. Apart from all the above priorities, the national newspapers or the news channels do provide the news from rest of the India and the world.

No one wants to spend more time in getting the information about their surrounding and the rest of the world. There are many portals which cater to individual regions of India. One can get portals in Marathi or Hindi delivering the Maharashtra news, Bengali news portals providing Bengal news, Jammu Kashmir news from Jammu Kashmir in Hindi or local language, Tamil Nadu news in Tamil or Malayalam portal for Kerala news etc. You can get the news from various Indian states free of cost or with very little membership fees. While one is on the move still the information can reach you with the help of your laptop or mobile phone. Web portals in local languages or Hindi are gaining popularity because of its wide acceptance to more number of people.

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