Naturalness and naturalness in makeup have been gaining momentum over the past few seasons. Make-up artists strive to emphasize the natural beauty of the models, and not to draw them completely different faces.

A few years ago, the main focus in every makeup was eyebrows. They were isolated by pressing on a pencil and creating clear thick lines. However, trends are changing and today an emphasis on eyebrows is not the best option. How do I make up my eyebrows so that they look natural and natural? We will tell you the basic principles and life hacks.

Basic Eyebrow Makeup Tools

In the process of eyebrow makeup, it is necessary to rely on the natural shape and color of your own eyebrows. Some girls naturally have thick and graphic eyebrows and all they need for makeup is a transparent gel fixative. Others, on the contrary, have sparse eyebrows, and then a pencil or mascara for eyebrows comes to the rescue.

Eyebrow is easy enough to do if you have a set of high-quality eyebrow makeup tools:

  1. Eyebrow mascara. The team of Romanovamakeup specialists has developed as many as three colors of eyebrow mascara, in accordance with the main skin color types and eyebrow shades:
  • ICE BLONDE. Great for blondes and blonde girls. Shades the natural color of the eyebrows.
  • ASH BROWN. Ash-brown shade without the effect of red. Ideal for light-haired and dark-haired girls.
  • TAUPE. It is a universal shade that will fit absolutely any skin tone. If you want to highlight your eyebrows more, then just apply mascara in several layers.

All mascara formulas are designed in such a way that they not only add color to the eyebrows, but also fix them. The brush paints each hair without gluing them. It is thanks to the unique formula that it is possible to achieve a natural effect when creating eyebrow makeup.

  1.  Eyebrow pencil. It will help to create a contour and fill in the voids if there are any. Pencils are also created in accordance with color types, and their names repeat the names of eyebrow mascara of the same shades. If there are only three carcasses in the Romanovamakeup line, then there are four pencils. An additional shade is a BRUNETTE. This shade is designed specifically for brunettes, which is understandable based on its name. A pencil in the shade of BRUNETTE allows you to create a professional brown makeup without the effect of red or red eyebrows.

All Romanovamakeup pencil formulas from the page  they are characterized by a high level of pigmentation and durability. The pencil, which has a triangular shape, allows you to create both thick and thin strokes.

Instructions for creating the perfect eyebrow makeup

To make the eyebrows look natural and beautiful, it is necessary:

  1. Use a brush to brush your eyebrows. Make sure there are no hairs escaping beyond the main contour.
  2. Create a contour. Using a pencil of the appropriate shade, draw a line along the natural contour of the eyebrows from below and above. Start drawing a line from the middle to achieve a more natural effect.
  3. Fill in the outline. Use a pencil or ink to fill in the outline.
  4. Fix it. If you used only a pencil, then you need to additionally fix the hairs with a gel. If you have used the eyebrow mascara from Romanovamakeup, then there is no need for additional fixation.

When doing eyebrow makeup, make sure that it does not weigh down the look. Eyebrows should not become an accent in makeup, they should look as natural and natural as possible.

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