Importance Of Caring For Boat Upholstery

Your marine upholstery of your boat is often considered to be a very important part of your boat. This is because it adds value in many ways. For one, it is the outer covering of seats and other areas that are important functional aspects of the boat. On the other hand they make up a very important part of defining the aesthetic value of the boat. Just imagine what your impression will be if you see dirty or damaged upholstery on a boat and what it would do for your perceived value of the vessel. Therefore it is very important to practice all measures that will take care of this valuable investment.

Maintenance Steps For Marine Upholstery

  • Routine and regular maintenance steps to follow


t is almost always recommended to clean your boat upholstery after every use of your boat. Since vinyl is the most common material used in marine upholstery it would be helpful to keep a good quality marine grade vinyl cleaner in hand. This will help properly clean the surface and also impart a level of protection to the outer surface. Alternatively you could use a mild soap solution avoiding harsh detergents to clean the surface. Always make sure you wipe the surface dry and give enough time to air dry to prevent any moisture accumulating in the ridges.

  • Provide reinforcement to the upholstery structure

When you engage in even routine cleaning on a regular basis and also owing to the harsh environmental conditions the surface will be exposed to, the structure will begin to degrade overtime. To prevent any costly damages from occurring to the surface of boat upholstery it is important to keep reinforcing this layer and add more protection to the structure. There are several good vinyl protectants you can buy from the market and they often come in an easy to spray on form. Once sprayed allow the protectant to seep in for the recommend time period and then wipe off to keep the surface dry.

  • Check for any damages

Just as routine cleaning is important you should also check for any damages on a regular basis. In most cases smaller damages on boat upholstery can be fixed by using a simple repair kit. You can even by good repair material that will help bring the upholstery back to normal in no time. This will prevent the need for costly repairs.

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