Importance Of Proper Maintenance Of Marine Canvas

You boat is often exposed to many environmental hazards. While out at sea there will be high amount of moisture, salinity and of course UV exposure and damage from the sun rays that will need to be endured. This is why different types of protective structures are used on a boat. One such structure is a marine canvas. The boat canvas plays a very important role in shielding off most of these harmful environmental and other elements. But this also causes the structure to accumulate lots of debris and other forms of dirt which need to be cleaned off. With proper protection you will be able to achieve the following.

  • Gain effective protection for your boat
  • Use the marine canvas for longer periods
  • Prevent any damage that will result in costly damages or need for replacement.

How To Take Care Of Boat Canvas

The first step to proper maintenance of a boat canvas is to carry out routine cleaning. This is ideally done after every use. Most canvas manufacturers mention the proper care methods for their products. It is important to adhere to these cleaning protocols because they are what are best suited for the type of material used to make the canvas. In general it is recommended to use a mild soapy detergent and scrub the surface gently. All washing solutions must be rinsed off thoroughly and left to air dry completely to prevent any mold or mildew from growing in the remaining moisture.

You should also avoid washing your marine canvas in a household washer or dryer. This is often a mistake boat owners make especially with removable canvas structures. This should be avoided at all costs because this will lead to the structure breaking down more quickly. The best is to clean the structure in a gentle manner by scrubbing off any dirt or debris on a regular basis.

The application of protective coatings like UV protection and waterproofing layers are also a good and actually essential part of maintaining a canvas used for boats. This will offer more protection to the structure and reinforce any damage that has already occurred to the structure of the canvas. When cleaning you should also be careful not to stretch the canvas too much.

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