Online reputation management (ORM) is one of those concepts which has yet to be properly grasped by most commercial organizations. Ironically, even not for profit organizations require a positive online image, and otherwise too, to attract funding.ORM is vital for your company too as networked digital information has completely changed the playing field of the economies which run on digital marketing, including visibility, branding, offtake, and growth. The relationship between consumers and brands has changed due to the global shift from the industrial age to the digital age.

Markets Reflect the Environment and Culture They Operate In

The basic fact which needs to be kept at the heart of any CEO branding strategy is that your company or your market cannot be divorced from the environment and culture they operate in. The world is constantly in flux through technological innovations, disruptive strategies adopted by different companies to keep themselves ahead of the curve, and the fact that the world and his brother are online most of their waking hours. This leads to a constant bombardment of information. This is in sharp contrast to how brands were built in the twentieth century when they had depended on information monopolies.
Create shareholder value: By promoting the CEO, you should aim to build shareholder value, rather than creating a celebrity CEO. Winning awards and national and international recognitions add to your CEO’s star quality, and by extension - shareholder value. Leverage that to reel in new customers while strengthening the existing customer base.

Gain Greater Visibility Through Customer Loyalty and Identification

Online social networks and peer to peer networks provide you with a 24x7 global marketplace. This has enabled micro businesses to grow to becoming small and medium sized companies. In some cases, savvy CEO personal branding has been at the heart of such growth. The rationale behind such a strategy has been that the CEO become the recognizable face of the brand. In highly volatile markets, such a strategy would include positioning the CEO as a thought leader. Remember, these dayscustomers have almost total access to information and the ability to communicate it instantly. So, when your CEO speaks at major events (not necessarily organized by your company), and publishes regularly on blogging sites or even LinkedIn; your existing and potential consumers sit up and take notice.

Those who are diffident about allowing the persona and image of the CEO tinge the organizational image should see how Elon Musk’s personal branding has impacted Tesla’s public image as a cutting-edge innovator.

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