By wellness we mean healthy balance between mind, body and soul that gives a feeling of complete well-being. It can be described as the constant, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest. Health keeps on changing, it is not easy to maintain a constant health but it is far more difficult to recover your health soon after illness. To maintain a constant state of overall wellness, it is vital to understand healthy eating, the value of physical activity and learn ways to reduce stress. Maintaining wellness requires continuous use of strategies along with a complete focus on the mind, body and soul. Wellness specialists are experts who help people understand and explore the secrets of consistent state of wellness. Wellness specialists go through the concept of wellness, health evaluation and lifestyle choices, nutrition basics i.e. macro and micronutrients, weight management i.e. weight gain and weight loss, counseling and behavior modification, sports nutrition and supplements, nutrition resources and referral, complimentary therapies and stress management as well as spiritual health.

Certified wellness specialists grant nutritional advice, weight management counseling. A wellness specialist also conducts community and corporate wellness seminar. S/he gives stress management solutions, lifestyle consulting, a broad approach to wellbeing, active living guidance and referral to nutritional and wellness professionals.

A psychiatrist is a physician who skills in identifying, treating and preventing the mental disorders. Every psychiatrist is well trained in diagnostic evaluation and in psychopharmacological treatment. A certified psychiatrist is authorized to prescribe psychiatric medicine to patient, conduct physical examination, order and interpret laboratory test, and electroencephalograms, and may order brain imaging studies such as computed tomography or computed axial tomography (CT/CAT Scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography scanning.

Some psychiatrists specialize in handling the disorders of particular age group. For instance, pediatric psychiatrist for child and adolescents and teenagers as well, geriatric psychiatrists works with elderly people in addressing their psychological problem. Those who work from home are called as organizational and occupational psychiatrist. A psychiatrist who works in courtroom, repot the judge and jury in both criminal as well as civil cases are named as forensic psychiatrist. Forensic psychiatrists also handle mentally ill offenders and other patients whose in condition is such that they have to be treated in secure units. Other psychiatrist and mental professionals in the field of psychiatry may also specialize in psychopharmacology, psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, dementia-related disorders as Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sleep medicine, pain medicine, palliative medicine, eating disorders, sexual disorders, women's health, Global Mental Health, early psychosis intervention, mood disorders and anxiety disorders (including obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder).

Psychologists are the professional who work as a clinical, counseling or school psychologist in variety of therapeutic conditions. There are many different types of psychologist and they are being described as either applied or research-oriented. Research and teaching comprise a major role in psychology. Most typically, people encounter psychologists and think of the discipline as involving the work of clinical psychologists or counseling psychologists.

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