Maintain your dirt bike during the whole year

You found your “monster” at least - a great powerful dirt bike with great performances. You feel like you were born with it, like you were riding whole your life. You are so attached that you don’t like

neither to think how it was before or how it’s going to be if you don’t have your bike in the future, but the reality is that all things get older, no matter if we want or not, time is the biggest enemy

of the objects (in some way people’s also). But in any case sure there is much you can do to maintain your bike and make it last longer. Playing your dirt bike games is fun but the maintenance asks for

a little devotion.

If you like to keep your bike in form, there are things that should be done every time you ride, in between drives and periodically through the race season.


Chain tension and lube should be checked before every ride. Also check if you air filter is clean and change it or clean it if it’s necessarily. Before departure give one general look to the bike to

check for loose bolts, spokes, to get sure that everything is where it should be. 

When it’s between outgoings, be sure that your bike has been washed from your last outing. It’s a time to check your brake pads, your chain and sprockets for wear. Probe the controls for smooth

operation, inspect cables for fraying etc. Your gearbox oil level should be checked regularly and also engine oil level if you ride a four stroke. Radiators should be checked for damage and leaks, also

check your coolant level. Be assured about the tyre pressures. 

Few times throughout the season test your wheel bearings and replace them if it’s required. Also look at the swingarm and headstem bearings for wear. Maybe you’ll need to clean them and repack with

grease or replace them if they're too worn. For the ones that ride a two stroke, compulsorily check your power valve! Power valves are often neglected and if they stop working properly they can make a

big difference to your bikes performance. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, that is why it absorbs moisture over time and becomes contaminated, so change your brake fluid periodically. Repacking of the two

stroke mufflers is a noisy aspect of dirt bike maintenance and that is why it has been overlooked often. It’s good to know that poorly packed muffler can actually decrease the performance of your bike. 

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