For maintaining good health fitness and exercises are mandatory to follow on a daily basis. Along with this a healthy diet for maintaining proper weight, avoiding obesity and preventing chronic health issues are possible. With increased fitness levels, people of all ages and capability are benefited.

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Fitness and its benefits

Regular exercise is necessary as it helps individuals avert a number of chronic health conditions. Depression, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, high blood pressure, colon cancer, heart diseases etc. fall under the list. Keeping the weight down by following regular exercise enhances sleep patterns, bone density and also provides many health benefits. In that way, Zotezo offers tips, advice and methods to follow for maintaining a healthy body.

Recommendations for fitness

Depending upon the capability of the person and age recommendation for fitness varies. For example, adolescents and children need a sixty-minute or more activity time each day. This is followed as a moderate to a vigorous pattern of exercise. Children need to include bone and muscle-strengthening activities for thrice a week.

While discussing adults they need a moderate-intensity exercise for 150 minutes per day or a vigorous exercise of 785 minutes per week. For individuals looking for more benefits, opt for the moderate exercise of 300 minutes or vigorous exercise of 150 minutes. Along with this adults are to include muscle building exercises for two days a week.

Exercises to follow

Though there are ample exercises, picking the particular exercise to benefit from is another smart way. In that manner, a few exercises along with the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Resistance or strength training: For stronger muscles exercises are the only way. In that manner weight lifting with resistance band is helpful for resistance and strength training.
  • Balance exercises are perfect as they help individuals avoid falls as they walk on uneven surfaces. For balance improvement exercises like standing on one leg or tai chi are tried.
  • Aerobic or endurance: these exercises are best for increasing heart rate or breathing. The circulatory system, lungs, heart are healthy and also enhances overall fitness. Few examples include jogging, brisk walking, biking and swimming.
  • Flexibility exercises are ones that maintain your body limber and stretches your muscles. Gaining flexibility is possible by stretch exercises and yoga.


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