So much of what we are able to accomplish, or not accomplish, is attributed to the attitude we choose in response to the external situations in life. Much of our attitude comes from the way we speak to ourselves and what we choose to believe. Learning to control those inner thoughts naturally gives way to controlling all aspects of our lives. How we speak to ourselves has an impact not only on our emotions, but on our entire outlook on life.
When we choose to look at life without judgement on others, and with a positive and compassionate attitude, we are lead to a more optimistic approach to life. To help maintain a positive and optimistic outlook, we must be aware of how we are feeling throughout the day. When we notice that we are not feeling happy, or are experiencing negative thoughts, we must use whatever tricks we have in our arsenal to focus on thinking about what we want more of in life and off that which we do not want. Thank the negative self-talk for sharing and gently move the thought associated to the negative feelings to the side. Then we can focus on what makes us happy in the moment. Everything that we need to be happy resides within each of us. We must continually tap into our inner creative, positive energy until it becomes our natural way of being.
Life is full of challenges, problems, difficulties and setbacks. But as we rise to each challenge, overcome setbacks, banish fear, and disregard negative self-chatter, we grow to a better and more powerful version of ourselves. Drawing on those past positive outcomes can bring us to a more positive mindset, fuel us through difficult times and propel us in the direction of our dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Fraser is the Owner of Dream Reality Coaching, where she coaches professionals to have a larger vision for their lives and not settle for the status quo. With ongoing encouragement, accountability and humor, Lisa helps clients stay on track while taking the next step toward living their dreams.