In e-business running, customer’s fidelity means netizens are favored to visit your websites and are willing to use the product or services provided by the website.

When the customers have the same demand next time, they could think of your website at the first thought. It involved some psychological problems as well as technical problems.

E-business websites should have stable customers groups, or else, the website may have risks for not being visited for a long time.

The websites must be well designed as the outlook will give the visitor very important first impression. Then the websites needs to consider visitor’s experience and demand of the services. Website could check out customers’ database which may present who is the potential buyers or intended buyers, then the websites could make specific scheme to get closer relationship with those customers.

The websites need to set some interaction buttons, so the customers could communicate with customers and website operators could exchange ideas with the customers. Website portal could offer BBS, forum, chat room etc to create more opportunities for communication and it is believed that the registration number will increase sharply.
E-business websites need to offer specific logistic trace service so the buyer could know where the products have been transported and when the products are estimated to arrive. It represents that the websites care about customers demand deeply.

Feedback information is very important for the website since website could know customers’ comments and suggestions, or the website could send out emails actively to gather opinions from the customers.

If there is any customer has special requirement, the website could try different means to help. It is also good for maintain good customers relationship between websites and customers.

IBUonline is a B2B portal and IBUonline pay attention to customers’ demand and maintain good relationship with customers and visitors.

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