Surround yourself with positive energy...

Create a supporting environment

Create an environment that is motivating. For example, listen to music that energizes you. Make your office inviting and comfortable so that you'll want to be there and will feel good about working.

Develop healthy routines

Being in good physical condition supports having a good mental attitude. Ease into the day with something you enjoy as part of your daily pre-work routine. Start with positive habits and routines. Make physical exercise and a healthy breakfast a regular practice so you'll feel energized the rest of the day. Eat lunch. Get a good night's sleep. Give your body and brain the fuel and rest they need so you can do your best work.

Associate with positive people

Read or listen to motivational and inspirational material. Choose upbeat, happy people as friends and colleagues. Avoid those who seem to attract trouble and want to involve you in it. Don't participate in negativity or gossip.

Focus on your strengths

Your business can become tedious if you have to spend a lot of time on tasks that you don't like and aren't really good at. Focus on your strengths and find others to handle the rest. When you're able to do the things you do well and enjoy doing, it's easy to feel positive about your work and your business.

Seek solutions to challenges

Positive thoughts promote a can-do attitude, which helps you find solutions to life's everyday challenges. If something is preventing you from feeling motivated and inspired, determine what it is and change the situation or the way you're dealing with it. Staying bogged down in a problem and not solving it just saps your energy and makes it worse.

Count your blessings

Be thankful you're working from home and not in some cubicle! Remember the reasons you started your own company. Remember the things you didn't like about working for someone else. Can't remember? Recall them, write them down, and add them to your vision board. Read them every day.

That gratitude will motivate you to work harder, so you can continue to work from home. Create a habit of gratitude and you'll maintain a positive and energetic mindset. Even if you're having an off day there's so much to be thankful for. Take the next step and volunteer with a group that serves those who are less fortunate.

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