It's so easy to be enthusiastic when everything is rosy. But the real test comes when troubles arise. This is why you need to prepare mentally for those bumps and hard times, because they are sure to come about.

You need to work on maintaining your enthusiasm. This is a skill that will allow yo to push forward, even when things get rough.

These are things that you can do to maintain your enthusiasm:

a. Imagine a resolution. Visualizing helps a lot to overcome challenges. You need to visualize hope when the storms of life come your way. Don't get sucked down by the struggle, or your mind will be stuck in a downward spiral.

When you focus on the resolution, this will help you to stay on track towards your goals, and will keep you positively focused.

2. Keep stress at a minimum. Stress will cause you to focus on your struggles. If you don't, you won't be able to focus on enthusiasm. The key and the bottom line is to FOCUS. Less stress means more enthusiasm.

3. Keep a positive focus. When you are always thinking about a forward direction, you won't be so distracted by negativity.

4. Keeps things fresh and new. Don't allow yourself to stagnate. Get creative, and think of new ways to accomplish things. If one plan doesn't work, then think of new strategies to keep your enthusiasm up.

5. Don't procrastinate. Stay moving forward. Don't put things off. If you feel yourself falling victim to this condition, do something to stay active. Staying active does a lot to keep your enthusiasm up.

6. Stay open minded. Don't get caught in a holding pattern. Be creative in your thinking, and you will stay enthusiastic. Some of the best minds were both creative, and enthusiastic.

7. Don't sweat the small stuff. Little things and setbacks will take place. But these aren't the things that matter overall, in the long haul. Get your focus back when you become distracted. Then, you'll quickly get over life's annoyances.

Keep in mind that the greatest successes came after overcoming the greatest struggles. You'll feel so much better when you overcome the barriers that were in your way.

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