Maintaining your focus can be very difficult when working online due to all the distractions the internet environment has to offer! Of course this can also have a detrimental effect on your work productivity and as any veteran marketer will tell you, this can easily doom your chances of success! It is therefore important to stay focused on your immediate and long term objectives if you hope to experience any level of success online!

Here are 3 simple tips you can use to filter out the distractions the internet environment tends to dish out and stay focused on your business goals! In this way you stand the best chances of succeeding online!

Establish a Target

Every month, weeks and even daily you need to establish certain targets or goals for your business that will help you stay focused! In fact without determining exactly what it is you want to accomplish, you'll likely end up aimlessly investing time and effort with little or nothing to show for it! Where this will eventually lead to, and in most cases sooner rather than later, will probably be you quitting! At this point you'll come to have a better understanding as to why so many fail at building a successful business within the internet environment! Although it may seem very easy to get started, the distractions and your own lack of discipline online will be your down fall!

Devise a Plan

As previously mentioned the internet environment offers distractions of all sorts and if you turn on your computer without having a definite plan of action you'll fall victim to them! Having a goal and knowing EXACTLY what actions are needed to reach it serves as a guide to help you avoid being sucked up into 'vortex' of the online world where minutes turn to hours! Wasting time like this will certainly diminish your work productivity and minimize your chances to succeed!


Dissect your plan to determine what tasks are the most important and will get you closer to obtaining your objectives! It is these tasks you must stay focused on and should be your primary concern! Once completed you can then shift your efforts to the less important yet necessary other actions you still need to take! By prioritizing the most important components of any plan, you can accomplish these tasks first while your energy level is at the highest thus investing a good quality effort and improving your work productivity!

Your focus is one of the most important assets you have to filter out the distractions found when working in the internet environment! It is therefore critical to develop ways to stay focused or your work productivity will suffer as will your chances for success online! The 3 tips reviewed above suggest selecting your goals on a monthly, weekly and most importantly, daily basis to help you stay focused! To further boost your work productivity it is also suggested to prioritize each task and to complete them in the order of their importance to your business growth! In order to succeed online it is vital you learn to filter out anything other than what it will take to achieve your dreams! Your complete and total concentration will be required to keep the distracting internet environment from devouring these dreams!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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