It’s the beginning of a new year and many of us have set intentions to make healthier choices with what we eat and to be more physically active in our day to day lifestyle. Obviously there are infinite benefits to getting in better shape, especially when it comes to maintaining optimum health and aging gracefully. As our metabolism gradually slows down, we start noticing changes in our bodies and realize we do not look nearly the same as when we were 18-years old. This can be a despondent feeling for some; however all we can do at this point is make the best of what we’ve got. Friends come and go in our lives, as well as all of our material possessions – but we are stuck with our bodies throughout our entire life! We might as well optimize what we have to work with, as it is never too late to get in better shape.

Consistent exercise – no matter what your age, gender or size – not only improves your health and fitness, but also your overall quality of life. When we practice getting in better shape, our hearts pump better and our lungs get more oxygen, and that contributes to a feeling of “aliveness” that in turn improves our attitude and zest for life. The best way to overcome stress and depression is physical activity, which tends to reignite our passions and inspire creativity. It will improve the way you feel mentally, emotionally and physically.

Why exercise boosts your self-esteem
Any type of exercise can put you in a positive, self-confident, assured state of mind. If you’re overweight, even basic walking can help, as well as increase positive feelings and self-esteem. If it’s too cold outside, perhaps you can find a shopping mall or large store to walk up and down the aisles for exercise. Even if you’re just starting to exercise, you’ll feel healthier in your body and start to look better each day, even if the changes are subtle. Your perception of how you look is almost as powerful as your actual fitness level.

In addition to actual physical prowess, your body will unleash a host of powerful feel-good hormones as well such as serotonin, melatonin and testosterone. There is nothing more attractive than your positive attitude. The better you feel, the more you will want to be physically active and enjoy social interaction. As you exercise more, naturally you will tend to make better choices with what you consume. There is evidence that increased fitness levels and eating healthier can play a role in changing how we smell. By decreasing the levels of toxins in our bodies, we can improve our body odor and our breath. There is also an evolutionary biological theory that states we are more sexually attracted to healthy bodies because it indicates lack of disease.

Exercise for better sex!
Whether you are a seasoned fitness expert or have struggled with maintaining an ideal weight, there is no better time than right now to recommit to improving your overall health. Feeling better about your health and physical appearance will also improve your ability to sexually attract a mate (or current lover), as well as improve your sex life. If you do not appreciate and love your own body, then how can you expect to openly and wholeheartedly share it with a partner? The more you exercise, the better you will feel about yourself, and may also be more adventurous and comfortable with your lover.

Especially for women, physical movement and getting the juices flowing can help you to feel more connected to your body – which often increases sexual enjoyment. Developing your cardiovascular health will improve stamina, and increase flexibility, which can enhance bedroom sexploration with more pleasure, comfort and ease. You can last much longer during lovemaking because you’re not so tired. Exercise makes all your tissues and organs healthier, including your genitalia. With additional blood flow to the clitoris and surrounding area, you’re likely to have more frequent and intense orgasms as well.

Better to work-out together
Having a workout buddy is ideal for staying on track with an exercise routine and maintaining a sense of motivation and accountability. What better activity to share together than exercising with your existing partner or with a potential lover? Whether you both enjoy spending time at the gym, go hiking or biking, or even take a yoga or dance class with your partner, your sex drive will be revved up after an invigorating workout together. And of course sex itself is a terrific workout, especially if you take turns ‘doing the work’ so you both receive much physical benefit (and pleasure) from an energetic session of playful interaction. The key to sexual pleasure is getting out of your head and into your body. What better way to ignite your senses than by exploring your body through exercise and movement?

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