Being an online article, the first suggestion is to leverage the technology as suggested by Emailing, chatting, online calls are the easiest of things to take advantage of nowadays. Just be very aware of the time differences, set a schedule and you’re good to go.

Eddie Corbano is a self proclaimed breakup recovery coach plying his trade with His first piece of advice for maintaining LDR’s (Long Distance Relationships) is to have a relationship plan for your future.

Love for love’s sake is romantic but if you want to make it last in special circumstances such as being oceans and continents apart, then goal setting is to be kept in mind. Take it upon yourself to give a time frame and a feasible goal when you can finally be together. A couple of years may be good enough to get financially or legally settled if things go well with your employment or business at hand. If your partner cannot give one, then at least offer yours. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, it will keep your ties going and growing if you know are headed in a direction.

Corbano’s second tip is to have a regular meet-up. It may take weeks and months in between but for success in a relationship to succeed there is still an innate need to touch, feel, sense, smell and holistically feel your partner. Meeting a potential mate online through a chat room or other means still lingers on to the “eyeball” and this should be the level of excitement you should bring on your encounters.

In, the advice is to do things together even with the distance. This pertains to activities that you will be doing together while actually being apart. Those four hour phone calls or chats in the wee hours will become tiresome at some point so having some common ground you can talk and share about will be extremely helpful. Watching the same TV show or hot movie is a top option. A series would be preferable since it will last the entire season. You can also send virtual flowers and e-cards which will provide the mush needed and prove the constant wanting. Another great idea would be to actually write a letter to each other. Yes, an actual hand written letters complete with erasures is still a noble and romantic expression of devotion. Sharing recipes is another thought. Imagine cooking and eating the same meal using the available ingredients in your part of the world, it should prove quite interesting. The site actually give 75 activities than can be done, take a peek and maybe you can add the 76th.

As a final note, 2 important suggestions from tell to make the relationship a priority and to trust your partner. Being miles away does not stop a partner from feeling that he or she is a part of your life. Open up your relations to opinions and decisions that matter. Ask questions and heed decisions that would act on if you were actually eye-to-eye. Should you join this club or that club, what kind of diet is fashionable, what to wear to an occasion and what occasions to actually go to would be make your partner feel better if the effort was concerted.

Trust is the biggest issue in any relationship whether they be long distance or not. But this is the biggest price to be paid in an LDR. Put faith in the fidelity in your partner and the same faith will be placed upon you. Both of you should always be aware of that this is the biggest cause of failure and this should be openly discussed to save each others sanity and will actually serve as the virtual glue that will keep your two hearts together in the long run.

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