Like every other bathroom, a stone bathroom will be vastly improved in function and appearance with specialized, routine care. This little piece takes you through the practice of regular maintenance of a stone bath and how to take care of nicks and scratches should they surface.

Regular Care

As long as normal days go, you should make it a habit of rinsing and drying the surface of the bathroom with a soft towel after each use. This helps to prevent the accumulation of soap scum or mineral scum which has the ability to discolor the stone surface with time.

While cleaning the bath, you will need ammonia based cleaners, soapy water, as well as solid surface cleaners in order to reduce most of the dirt dust and residues from the stone finished surfaces. If you find the residue to be still clinging on, it is time for a stronger cleaner.

The finishes available for the stone bath surface are of three kinds, namely matt, glossy and semi glossy. Regular cleaning will make the surface glossier over time, so that is something to keep in mind while installing stone flooring. You do not want a surface so glossy that you slip and fall. The color and hue of the surface will also depend on the frequency of cleaning and the cleaning gent used, along with the cleaning intensity.

Fine scratches and blotchy floor appearance

Stone flooring can exhibit blotchiness and scratchy appearance as it gets scuffed with time. Do not worry because this appearance is temporary, provided that you take some measures against it. You will need abrasive film cleaner, a damp sponge or a damp cloth and some determination.

Pouring the cleanser over the sponge or cloth, work in circular motions on the stone flooring surface, overlapping your sweep so that no area misses out on the action. After that clean the surface using clean water, and do not forget to wipe the cleaned surface off all water to prevent a recurrence of blotchiness and scratches.

Removal of minor cuts and scratches

Stone surfaces are replaceable and renewable and you really do not need to beat your head for a solution to cuts and scratches that won’t go away quickly. I suggest that you call in specialists for this operation of removing cuts from the flooring surface because it will require some specialized attention and is also tiresome on the knees.

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