Car transmission is one of the important points to notice. However, there are many owners who often neglect to pay attention on car transmission. So then, let us now take care of our car transmission, shall we? Judging from tips written by Daihatsu, transmission oil should be changed routinely based on what has been written in manual book.

If routine maintenance was not done, engine traction will surely feels heavy and can cause damage on the transmission components. Aside of this thing, changes on transmission oil using standard oil has become separates components. When you want to change the oil, you should use one that is recommended by user guide, this must be done in order to ensure the durability of the transmission.

Some other things that are associated to the transmission level should be watched as well. These are includes periodic inspection, oil changes (if your car is having automatic transmissions), and leak checks. Examination on the oil level should be done on a regular basis (particularly when you want to take a ride with your car), it proven to be useful for detecting oil level standard.

Why oil become so important for car? Well, this is because when a machine lack of oil, it will trigger some damage to the components of transmission. Checking oil procedure (especially in order to check whether there is oil leaks or not) on both the manual and automatic transmissions are useful, especially to know about the condition of the vehicle.

There would be some damage occurred on transmission, especially if the oil levels are decreased or if there is a leak on it. Most car users should be familiar with the use of manual car transmission. However, there are some things that need to be considered, in order to maintain the quality of the transmission components.

At first, don’t put the gear when parking – always put the transmission to remain neutral on this occasion. It is not safe and most important it will damage the component of transmission. In addition, do not turn on you car by pushing it, especially when the car’s battery is out, it is better for you to use jumper cables to turn on the car. Why so? The reason is: push the car in order to turn on the engine would absolutely damages manual transmission on it.

As for the automatic transmission, here are some maintenance tips for automatic transmission to follow :

  • On an automatic transmission, use the position 1 or L when you deal with steep rise and steep fall.
  • On an automatic transmission, use the position 2 for the rise and fall that are not so steep.
  • On an automatic transmission, use the position 3 and D together, but use Over Drive function on D.
  • Over Drive O / D should be used in constant high speed (as such if you drive for a long time). It has main function to lowering engine ratio that in the end will help you in reducing fuel consumption.
  • Only use Position P (Parking) the vehicle is parked.
  • Shift the position D to N at the red light for the safety of your car as well as its automatic transmission.
  • If an automatic transmission vehicle was balk on the road, you should call car carrier in order to prevent damage to the automatic transmission.
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