It goes without saying that ensuring a clean bed for your dog will make it healthy and happy. However, dog’s beds are likely to be infested with fleas, ticks and lice apart from fur and dander, which requires regular cleaning. It is better to cover the dog beds with folded sheets or towels, which can be easily taken out and brushed to remove all the hairs before washing it in the machine. Make sure that the dog beds are not stained with urine or blood stains by keeping it regularly washed and changed.

The beds can be washed with a mild detergent and hot water, which will kill the insects. The washed fabric cover is best dried in the sun and not in machine dryer to prevent shrinkage and to make it sterile. The foam beds can be kept immersed in the soapy water for a while to remove the dirt and hair. Avoid using brush as it might tear the foam and reduce its life span. After some time dip the bed in a tub filled with fresh water and squeeze off the soapy water after which the foam bed can be dried in the sun.

Some beds will have wooden chips inside; in such cases only the outer cover can be laundered. The cedar chips should also be replaced every few months. If you cannot find cedar bedding, try putting a few drops of cedar wood essential oils, which are available in from health food shops to keep the fleas away.

Dogs love to play in the dirt and unless you are watchful they will jump on to their beds, making it dirty. So make sure that you wipe him clean after his outdoor play hours before letting him on to his bed. The bed should be kept away from the dog's water and food bowl to prevent flies and other pests. Also keep the dog free from fleas, ticks and worms.

Ideally, water proof beds that can be washed are good choices. The best thing is that these will not get smelly as the stuffing will never get damp. As dogs sweat through their paws and not their skin, they do not need a breathable bed as we humans do. Apart from buying beds that are easily washable and those with removable covers, you need to strive to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

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