What's the best way to attract massive prosperity? If you knew, you'd already be doing it right?

You have the formula right under your nose and may not know it.

The answer is similar to this riddle …

Q: How do you eat an elephant?
A. One bite at a time.

The same is true for creating prosperity. Whether you are looking to break through the income ceiling of six, seven, or eight figures, the path is the same. To increase your income, you start from where you are, one intention at a time.

Each year start with a fresh income target. You could focus on a specific dollar amount or look at last year's numbers and choose to double them (Why not?!).

This year my focus is to double my gross income, invest in my team and implement my wealth plan.

You don’t need to focus on these goals on a daily basis. Depending on your situation it might make you feel like you have to hurry up and do something to make it happen. Then you'd experience stress and ultimately it'd strangle your inspiration and prosperity flow.

Then make the goal into a game. Break down your money goals into targets for each month or by the project. Next, focus on $100 or $1000 increments, whatever feels most doable to you.

Let's say you need to make $10,000 this month to nail your intended income goal. You look at the calendar and notice there are only five days left before month's end. You can get in a panic about how to generate that $10,000 but that won't serve you.

Instead I choose to focus on attracting say, $1000.

After you manifest the first $1000, focus on the next $1000. Sometimes the money will come in smaller chunks, and other times it'll come in massive chunks. The key is to not trip out when it seems to only trickle in or the money stops flowing for days. Keep your energy focused on trusting that you will have the end outcome, no matter what is happening in the moment.

Appreciation is also a big factor when you want to move from surviving, to financially thriving. Get excited to receive a $20 sale in your inbox. This is evidence that you're focusing your energy in a way that is producing income, regardless of the amount. Do not discount any shred of prosperity that comes your way.

If you don’t make your intended income target for the month, don’t judge yourself or throw in the towel on your goal. This is an opportunity to connect to your inner guidance and ask what you can do to get aligned with more prosperity. There are some answers I get very regularly when I do this:

* Simply trust that it is coming. There is nothing more you have to do.
* Get excited about the work you are doing and imagine what it will feel like to be making a difference.
* Get excited about what the money is going to buy. Work your money vibration into a place of expectancy.
* Virtually connect with your forthcoming clients.

Fully trust the answers you receive from Guidance and you’ll never be let down. Trusting in your ability to attract money is the only way you can create massive prosperity.

Focus on one chunk of cash at a time. Soon your chunks will increase and you'll have attracted a prosperity mindset that gives you peace at all times. And that is true prosperity.

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