Weaving Life into Apparels

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel.

Fashion. It is a word that brings plenty of visuals into our minds. The outfits, the glitz, the glitter and glamour. It is an industry that packs in plenty of entertainment, all while introducing new trends, styles, colors and more that people can take inspiration from for their daily lives. Ever since the concept of clothing came into existence humans have evolved to include patterns and prints.

The first ever attire being either leaves strung together or the fur of animals. It is indeed interesting to know how simple inventions such as a needle and a thread can bring such an evolution and create an industry specially dedicated to it. It is also known that as time went by and the era of nobles and royals came in, there was a shift in attire from being plain to implementing designs with beads and shimmery threads.

This eventually came to be known as embroidery and this is where designers came in. Every person within the royalty needed specific designs and designs on their attire which was done by exclusive designers that they had.

Today this concept has evolved into fashion designers, who have been the backbone of every outfit and trends so far. Every fabric of their work, revolved around ensuring that people natural feel good in what they wear, which simultaneously builds up their confidence.

Today, unlike the past people have varied tastes in fashion and dress according to various factors. The wardrobes are always divided into the color scheme, pattern, occasion, weather and various other such specifications.

This month, Insights Success has come up with a special issue Majestic Fashion Designers of 2019. A majority of the fashion industry does believe in good looks, but one company would love to differ.

Thus, we have featured Diva Modeling Agency for our cover. The Founder, Nicole Rodriguess speaks of how being a model in not limited to certain characteristics. She believes that with proper guidance, anyone can be a model.

Insights Success also had the opportunity to tell the story of twin couturiers, Sanjana Bubber and Anchal Bubber Mehta, the Founders of Bubber Couture. Maheka Mirpuri, Founder of a chic haute couture brand. Poonam Naik Desai, the Founder of Peekaboo – a children’s sleepwear brand which she founded keeping her own son in mind and Jheal Shah – the Founder of Stylease, a company that helps people rent chic and fashionable outfits at affordable prices.

Additionally, we also have exclusive interviews with various personalities who made a mark on the fashion industry. We have Debojit Bhattacharya who has won the title of Rubaru, Mr India 2017, Mr Grand International and is an acclaimed freelance model. Dimple Vishal Jain, winner of Mrs Beauty with a Purpose and is a crusader of plus sized models in the fashion industry. Namrata Annaldas, who despite various adventures in her life, went on to win the title of Miss Ultimate Diva 2019. Finally, Shrikant Randhave, whose passion for a skills have earned him shots and clicks of a lifetime.

Also, flip through the pages to find some of the editors own words drafted into articles, titled “Monochrome – A Refreshing Trend Fit for the Winters”.

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