VPS hosting is the most affordable solution for budget-driven enterprises. Its advantages are similar to high powered dedicated servers minus the high costs. It has become better than ever with integration of cloud infrastructure. Advanced features of cloud add to the benefits of virtual server hosting making it even more impactful and cost-efficient for the users. Thus, cloud VPS solution is also referred as High availability Virtual Private Server. Clustered network of servers in a virtualized environment means resilient system, redundant hardware and infrastructure. All these together result into the high availability VPS solution.

Usually, VPS servers are secured but since it’s hosted in a shared environment, users are often suspicious of the security factor of VPS hosting. In case of Cloud VPS, if one of the nodes fails the rest of the systems can automatically carry off the workload maintaining the high availability and uptime. The escalating market competition and growing need for web services are causing rise in demands for highly efficient IT solutions. Meeting such efficiency through traditional VPS Hosting Services is quite difficult, especially when it comes to backups and data recovery. Being a shared environment, scalability too is an issue with VPS, but cloud virtual servers can are highly scalable. Additionally, users can even gain better control on the servers with cloud VPS solutions.

Enterprise businesses can now upgrade to Cloud VPS for better data recovery and improved business continuity. It’s truly a boon for the startup ecosystem that is prevalent in US and other developing nations too. The quality delivered have been levelled up by the cloud VPS while keeping the prices almost the same. Perhaps this is the reason many IT experts are even calling it the future of hosting.

Here we summarize the advantages of high availability VPS Hosting Server:

Multilayered security: Cloud infrastructure in Virtual Private Server Hosting brings the right balance of cost-efficiency and multilayered security with cluster network system that contains multiple high-speed servers.
Improved backup & recovery: Data replication on multiple servers in cloud virtual servers ensures safe and secure data backup and recovery for the businesses.

Better controls: Users have access to multiple server resources with cloud VPS which is not possible with traditional VPS.

Organizations shall not wait any longer and upgrade to the high availability VPS servers for accelerated growth of their businesses.

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