Every aspect of business has been enhanced by the use of information technology, from back-office applications to sophisticated supply chain systems, from corporate desktops to executive PDAs. As the implementation and potential benefits of IT have percolated throughout the business environment, the IT service desk has emerged as a critical element in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of technology operations. Below are several must-have tools to enable one reach their marketing goals.

AreMarketing Helpdesk tools Significant to a Company?
Marketing helpdesk tools are very important to many organizations, especially in terms of marketing. As companies look to wring the most from their support efforts, IT organizations are investing at a high rate in service helpdesk support tools and applications.

Major Marketing Helpdesk tools:

BuzzSumo is a tool which will increase content marketing budget, which helps one research the content ones audience really wants. This is done by entering any keyword or backlink to buzzsumo and one gets a detailed report showing how well previous content on that topic performed. Mention which assists in keeping track of what potential customers are saying about one’s product against those of competitors. Mention marketing tool helps track key phrases and brand names in real time, so that one never misses out on a conversation with current and potential customers.

Auto send tool
Auto send tool helps one as a marketer selling a given product reach out to each and every person that joins their website. It helps one automatically send personalized, targeted email and text messages to every customer based on their interest on the website.

Duckboardis another marketing helpdesk tool which aids in tracking how many people who are potential customers subscribe to ones services and buy products each day. It offers real-time analysis which is important for decision-making.

Referral snip
Referral snip is another effective tool that is based on the fact 85 percent of customers of a business are acquired through the word of mouth. To maximize on revenue creation, one can easily make use of Referralsnip to set up a referral program in under a minute. One simply enters a few organization details, design the snippet and customers can begin referring their peers online.

There are other tools such as oktopost, which simplifies social media presence, picreel helps capture visitors as they exit with customizable exit offers, VMO which is an A/B testing tool, tropical which facilitates messaging among others. Marketing helpdesk tools have over time proved to be very useful in making sales as well as creating a competitive advantage against competitors. Organizations are increasing adopting these online toolsfor better and efficient customer service in addition to increasing their output. The above tools are a must-have in any business to enable individuals reach their marketing goals.

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