Generally, many people believe know that mouth breathing is not for health and we should breathe using the diaphragm. As about the rest, it is not so important. Whatever the way you breathe, you still get oxygen in cells. This is not correct since the sick never have normal cell oxygenation because their breathing is always ineffective 24/7. In other words, they do not know how to breathe, while oxygen in tissues of the key to great health.

The Buteyko method has experienced an explosive growth during last 20 years in largest western countries. The goal of the system is to build up cell oxygen content and preserve it at uppermost achievable level 24-7. Hence, to learn the Buteyko method means to permanently normalize a personal breathing pattern.

The central test of the technique is called the CP (Control Pause), which is the cells oxygenation index. This easy DIY breath-holding time check is done after usual outhale and only until the initial stress. It evaluate one’s tissues oxygenation and health according to the Buteyko Table of Health Zones.

As scientific evidence suggests critically sick people are most likely to die during early morning hours (about 4-7 am), when our breathing is heaviest and cells oxygenation lowest. This evidence has been observed for heart disease, epilepsy, COPD, diabetes, asthma, stroke, and many other diseases. Why? During the night we can not control our breathing. Even for the healthy, breathing is heaviest between about 4 and 7 am and the Control Pause is shortest during these times. Hence, the major damage to the human body: mucus production, spread of infections, more inflammation, pathological changes in tissues, growth of tumors, cholesterol increase, tissue and cell destruction etc., with resetting of the breathing centre back to over-breathing, happens during these times. The results are shocking.

Mouth breathing and chest breathing, together with sleeping on one's back are the main immediate reasons of these deaths. Learn more about these problems, their effects and solutions: Mouth Breathing, How to Unblock the Nose, and Best Sleeping Positions.

Hence, just practicing Buteyko breathing exercises is inadequate. You should change your automatic breath pattern and monitor your breath 24-7. Why?

If a person has a dry mouth every morning, they will never restore his health and his cells oxygenation and control pause will remain low. If another person sleeps each night on her back, her disease signs and average breathing pattern will be almost the same even after hours of superior breath retraining method. Hence, it is important to learn the chief ideas of the Buteyko method. Before you begin any breathing retraining work, you should have a very clear objective where to go.

Thus, an individual should understand the following main findings:
- what is the major target of breath retraining exercises
- what are the normal and ideal breathing patterns
- how should we breathe for maximum oxygenation of the body
- how to measure one's cells oxygen content using the CP test
- what are the properties of CO2, etc.

As about gains of the breath retraining method exercises, according to numerous medical research papers, these are the key results:
- chronic conditions are based on low body oxygenation
- sick people hyperventilate (tens of medical articles, visit my website for exact parameters)
- breathing more than the medical norm DECREASES oxygen content in tissues
- restoration of normal breathing numbers day and night eliminates symptoms of chronic disorders and needs for medication

Finally, the Buteyko method is the only breathing retraining technique that provides exact parameters for the ideal breathing pattern .

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More information about learning the Buteyko breathing technique (with free instructions, modules, and lifestyle changes): Buteyko Breathing Exercises - Instructions, How To.

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