Investing in the stock market has a large number of great benefits and can help you achieve your goals. Everyone can be better off by investing at least something into the stock market because of these 4 reasons.

1. Better than Putting it in the Bank

The stock market has the ability to give you a great return. Compare that to something like CDs which only increase your account by a small percentage.

The problem with putting your money in the bank is that often times the interest rate a bank will hand out is lower than inflation. This means that even though you may have a little more money in a savings account every year it actually has less buying power due to inflation. Compare that to the stock market which can give you an unlimited return.

2. Great History

The stock market has a great history of going up in the long term. In fact the average annual return on the SPY is 10%, many people would kill for a 10% return. And it doesn’t end there.

Taking the time to learn and manage your account can greatly increase your return. A well managed account can easily beat any investment out there.

3. Dividends

Some stocks also pay a dividend. This means that in addition to the appreciation you can also get a monthly cash flow. If you hold enough shares this cash flow might even be enough to support you.

4. The Richest People on The Planet Invest

The rich invest in stocks, and they do it for 1 simple reason, it works. There is always risk involved with the stock market, but if you do not take any risks it is harder to move forward.

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