Major Vastu taboos For Bedrooms

Bed room is not only a resting place or meant for entertainments. Bedroom is a place where while sleeping your soul leaves the body and your subconscious mind activates. So a proper care must be taken before you sleep. All the mechanisms of physical body comes to an auto mode and therefore the impact of elements, directions, and their energies should be conducive to you.

Firstly the bed should not be placed between any two doors, directly pointed at the entrance of the door, or the head of the board directly beside the bedroom door. When the bed is between the two doors, the energy of the door severely cuts the chi of the bed and consequences on the sleeping person’s health will be negative. On the other hand when the feet point towards the door, it is said to be death position. Placing a divider such as screen or reorienting the bed should be placed to avoid such situations.

Secondly, no sharp edges or poison arrows coming from the corners of two walls, edge of the cupboard or shelves, or stand – alone square pillar should hit or aim at the bed. All these situation lead to a negative effect on the health of the sleeping resident since killing chi is being sent to the sleeping person. The impact on the health of that person will be negative and destabilizing. Even though the head may well be pointing in an auspicious direction, all the good features and auspicious chi will be completely nullify by the killing energy. Children and newly wed couples are especially affected be these situations.

Thirdly, the bed should not be placed directly under any exposed overhead beam, a ceiling fan or an exposed apex of rooflines. The bad fortune in the shape of severe illness will fall on the residents and separateness after rift will develop in couples. It is always a good Feng Shui to cover them with a false plaster ceiling or move the bed from under them.

Fourthly, the toilet should not be visible from the bed. Nor should the bed be placed directly under a toilet or on the floor above the effects are very severe and include constant susceptibility to cough, colds and headaches, stomach problems and other illnesses associated with the digestive systems.

Fifthly, the bed should not be placed floating in the center of the room. This suggests instability and is most inauspicious. The bed should be firmly fixed and not seems to be falling apart. It should also not be placed directly under a window or a window directly above it. It suggests a lack of stability, sleepless night and prone to illnesses. It is always better to cover the windows with heavy curtains pulled close.

Last but not the least. The bed should not be reflected by any mirror or screen of the T.V, computer or any other electronic gadget. They may result in separation and infidelity.

The list of don’t are also sting with the list of do’s.

It is most auspicious to decor the bedroom with the passion color red during the early years of marriage. White is a very good color for the bed sheets. Paintings of happy married couples preferably with happy children should be hang on the walls to bring the happy result of painting. Double happiness symbols carved in the bed or its access ones are most auspicious. Big earthen pots, crystals, love; symbols are best placed in this area of the house to stimulate the relationship luck.

As Feng Shui and Vastu both advocates a balance of Yin and Yang in every aspect of the same should also be applied to this aspiration of life for abundance of love, happiness and healthy relationships which is the birth or every human.

Acharya Anuj Jain