We can witness the scarring campaign done in the form of breast cancer screening UK. This was part of an awareness program intended to disseminate as much information about breast cancer as one can. The awareness doesn’t only focus on the screening but also provide so guideline that what should you eat and what you shouldn’t. It is actually to promote the general health status as well as to prevent many of the risk factors of breast cancer and many other ailments. One can avert many diseases by emulating a healthy pattern of life.

How does it work?
These guidelines are in order to set an eating pattern for your daily routine. What you should eat and what all you should avoid. It includes the detail of the nutrients that are very much essential and helpful to reduce the risk factors and to provide to immense health. These guidelines also include the methods to reduce your cholesterol by using a particular diet and practicing some workout plan.

One must follow it:
When we talk about eating the food that has an equal amount of nutrients and all the essential components it actually caters the most segments of your life. Eating healthy is linked with so many benefits. It’s not merely the breast cancer but one can get rid of many other risk factors as well.

• Vegetables are very much essential for the health and for defeating the breast cancer risks especially the dark green, red and orange ones.

• Fruits are also essential especially the whole fruits.

• Grains also play an important role in the health so include them in your diet especially the whole grains.

• You need to include the dairy products in your diet especially the one with low fats like milk, yogurt, and cheese etc.

• Protein has a special significance with regards to breast cancer eradication. Incorporate the food contain this magical component in your diet. Eggs, seafood can be really helpful.

• Oil is essential cooking element but one need to use the oil following a healthy pattern when it comes to preparation of the food.

• Tran’s fats

• Saturated Fats

• Avoid the added sugar products and rely on the natural ones.

• Salts should be used in a specific amount otherwise you can get the issues which can increase your risks for breast cancer and the other disease.

More specific suggestions:

• Added sugar can increase almost 10 percent calories in your daily routine so avoid it

• Saturated fats can also increase the 10 percent calories count for per day so avoid it too.

• Avoiding 2,300 mg of salt per day can be really helpful

• Try to restrict the use of alcohol as much as you can. Avoid smoking as well.

• Avoid all the food that can increase your weight especially the oily and fast food.

• Make physical activity a set pattern of your daily routine.

• Consult your doctor in case of any change in the routine physical.

Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition says, “The emphasis should be on food patterns and not individual nutrients”. In short, try to take all the steps as breast cancer screening the UK has done and yes one doesn't need to forget the importance of breast screening here.

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