Make a new friend now... Many of us are so busy rushing around or working we do not stop and think about ourselves but the happier we are and the more at peace we are the better we can be towards those around us.

Now that we spend so much time online it is natural to want to make friends to chat to while we are on our computer. Either we are working and it makes a change to have a chat during our coffee break or, if we are unlucky, we are tied to our home and unable to get out and enjoy the advantages of normal friendships with people on a face to face basis. Anyone who is looking after a relative or baby may find it difficult to get out and about and need some sort of interaction online all the more. Those who work from home may also feel isolated and need a friendly and familiar name to pop up online and chat to them sometimes. We even have a choice of how we chat as we can contact them through emails, live chat, skype or msn and we are not limited to location or by distance.

I know a lady who is totally housebound and has no family at all. She manages by chatting online and told me that without that she would go stark raving mad. I know another lady who is lucky enough to have a loving husband and lots of children and grandchildren yet she still values her online friendships and chats to them regularly.

So how do you go about having such a friend? Firstly it is usually women who seek out such friendship. I would always advise them to be cautious about trusting anyone, especially a male. Nowadays you can advertise for a penfriend and get lots of spam from sales people and people giving you a hard luck story and asking for money or a man who is asking you for rude photos. The best way to go about it is to work out what sort of friend you want. For example, if you are young and a mother you might only wish to correspond with another young mother. If you do not have an idea of the sort of person or the age group then you are being far too flexible and it will not work.

I strongly advise you to put down what you want .... i.e. "seeks another single mother who is aged up to 25 only" and stick to it. The more precise you are the better. Otherwise you will receive lots of mails from timewasters and spend hours writing back and forth only to find out they are three times your age or have nothing in common with you.

There is an excellent website where you can find your new friend or friends at on their find a friend section message boards all free of charge.

Make a new friend now

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