To get the desired job is not an easy task. Where ever you notice will find colossal competition. There is only one way you can distinguish yourself by making an effective resume. That can help you to achieve your desired goal. Writing a perfect resume is not similar to writing day to day email. For efficient and ideal resume writing you have to follow some fundamental rules.

Types of resume:
According to job seekers knowledge, experience, and skills, the writing style of a resume might vary. There are mainly three types of resume by individual’s qualifications and background. These include chronological, functional and combination.

1. Chronological Resume:
It starts with listing the jobseeker work history. Its emphasis on the most recent position, hold first and then continuing in chronological order. It gives the potential employer an overview to think about the jobseekers accomplishments and qualifications in the past. Most of the employer chooses this type as it helps them to take a snap easily of their resume.

2. Functional Resume:
This type of resume focuses on the skills gained by the job seeker rather than the position held. It’s considered mainly the knowledge and experience gained from a particular place.This type of resume serves better for the professional job seeker.

3. Combination Resume:
It is a hybrid of chronological and functional resume. It emphasizes on both work experience and knowledge as well as on the position held.
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Making of an impressive and perfect resume:
Writing an effective resume is always a hard job. An effective resume means a resume which attracts the potential employer. It helps you to be called and face your desired interview. Everyone should bear in mind the following points while thinking of a better resume.

Top line:
Put your name in a caps bold and lager letter, address and phone number and e-mail address also attached a photograph.

Career objectives:
Here you should indicate your strength and opportunities regarding your career. Then clearly state why you are seeking the position. You may also report if you have any desired industry. The entire resume should support your career objectives.

Educational Background:
Under this section, you should emphasize your various institutional certification degree including duration of the course, passing year, grade/result and institution.
Various training

Here you may include if you have participated any training programme which is relevant to the job you are applied for and can help you to accomplish your task.

Build your Competence:
You have to exercise a professional knowledge, skills, and experience to perform your job effective and efficient way. Therefore, you have to focus on expertise while drafting your resume. Your skills will help you out to sell yourself. Include all skills possessed such as interpersonal and adaptive skills like leadership, research, effective communication, and teamwork, etc. If you have some extensive experience which is relevant to your job and can convince your potential employer, you can also include in your resume.

Other optional information:
If you have any particular interest that can enhance your knowledge you may include in your resume such as traveling, reading books, sports, participating in the social program, etc.

The outlay of your resume:
• Try to keep it on one page if you have extensive knowledge and experience may be extended.
• Put the heading and follow the sequences which attract most.
• Needs to be tidy and keep open space so that it can attract readers.
• Have a several proofs read.

Mistakes that need to avoid while making the resume:
An attractive resume can earn a chance to get the job, on the other hand, it can also break the chance of getting the job. It depends on the first impression which it looks like. While making the resume, you need to ensure it is spotless.

Consider the following pinpoint that helps you make the perfect resume:
• Any grammatical or typing errors.
• Shortage of specific information which could help the reader.
• Most of the time job seeker seems one resume may fit for all purpose.
• Emphasize on duties rather than accomplished.
• Inconsistent summary.
• Lack of action verbs.

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