Spur for Greater Life

No one gets out alive. Indeed people such as Steve Jobs used the inevitability of death as a spur for greater life. If you are going to die anyway what is holding you back? That was the lifestyle approach of Steve Jobs.

Lifetime of Success

Think about how you approach life. We all need sources of income and for most of us that will be a job or running a business. How can we find ways to propel ourselves to success and greater success?

The Story of your life
1. Could you write your obituary now? An obituary is like a summary of your life told to the public after your death. It is a life and career snapshot and usually is upbeat. Could you write it now? What would it contain? If the answer is nothing memorable then you need to seriously have a rethink about your life actions and life purpose.

2. Eulogies are the spoken tributes said at a funeral. Again this is usually an upbeat statement about how great you were. Is that the reality? If not do something to make sure your eulogy is fact and not embellished fiction.

Too Morbid?
Perhaps writing obituaries and eulogies are too morbid, or you just can’t put in the effort to do it. If you can’t make the effort to do this, then think about a profile, your career profile.

3. Resume Profile

You should be able to write your profile in one short paragraph that can be inserted into your CV. The resume profile is a brief summary of your skills, experiences and goals. A resume profile is also known as a career summary or a personal profile statement.

Stand out from the Crowd
The resume profile enables you to stand out from the crowd. You should give everyone a clear idea of your unique qualities and qualifications. Think of your work experience, skills, levels of position and qualifications for the job.

Double Win
Writing Obituaries and eulogies are not what most people will be prepared to do but a resume profile is in your own immediate interests because everyone should have a CV or resume summary.

Even CEOs need Resumes
Even if you are some great CEO, you will still need a profile for international conferences and meet-ups. It pays dividends to have a short resume profile, and you can also use it as your blueprint to impress upon your mind your achievements and how you want your career to proceed.

Knowing What You Want
Your profile is a powerful statement showing what you are and what you can do. Can you write your life story in four sentences? You can write it as a short paragraph or in bullet form and highlight your most relevant experience and achievements.

Punch above your Weight Blessing

B: Build your profile and live up to that profile.

L: Life is in our words and statements, so let the words in your profile be the start of a living legend – your legend of the greatest achievements of your life. Live life to the fullest and explore all ways you can live life to the fullest.

E: Explore, experiment, and enjoy your experiences so that you really build up the best life which you can turn into a positive statement that helps you keep the momentum going on and higher.

S: State your best life experiences and accomplishments in four pithy sentences and refresh your memory of that statement on a daily basis.

S: Stand out from the crowd by living up to your highest statement ideals.
I: Implement what you want to achieve in your life.
N: Nature can’t be beaten but it can be molded and harnessed, so take your natural talents and push them to the highest level you are capable of.
G: Give everyone a clear idea of your unique qualities and qualifications.

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