STAAD (or STAAD.Pro) stands for Structural Analysis And Design. As the name suggests, it is a structural analysis and design engineering software primarily used for developing and analyzing the designs of various structures like tunnels, plants, bridges and so. STAAD.Pro was developed by Research Engineers International at Yorba Linda, CA in 1997. The Research Engineers International was later acquired by Bentley Systems in late 2005.

Today, STAAD.Pro is undoubtedly the most widely used software in the civil engineering field. This software is very much different from the other well-known software in this domain, namely AutoCAD. AutoCAD permits a user to work only on 2 dimensions, and that too in less detail. On the other hand, STAAD.Pro enables the user to work on 3 dimensions or 3D models in great detail. That is to say, STAAD.Pro significantly lowers the need for manual calculation and brings down the time as well.
To help you better understand the professional value of STAAD.Pro, we have listed below the key benefits of using this software:
• It offers a quick way of designing strong
• Works with virtually all types of designing
materials like concrete, steel, aluminum, etc.
• It doesn’t need any manual calculation
• It offers an extremely flexible modeling
• Makes it convenient to make modifications in
structure, section, dimensions, and so
• The designed structures can support many
different types of loads, namely live load, dead
load, wind load, snow load, area load, floor
load, and even more
• You can create a whole lot of designs ranging
from a simple beam to skyscrapers and examine how
it will behave at a particular load
• STAAD.Pro designer has the freedom to import
designs from AutoCAD to Staad
• STAAD.Pro supports interoperability and Open
• Though it performs many complex functions, the
STAAD.Pro software is relatively easy to learn

The STAAD.Pro software is being used quite extensively, these days, in diverse applications in the construction industry. It is being commonly used in analyzing and designing structures such as bridges, buildings, towers, transportation, industrial and other such utility structures. These designs usually exhibit the use of tunnels, culverts, bridges, piles, and other important design elements in building the modern structures. The building materials used in these structures could range from steel to concrete and timber to aluminum, besides many other construction materials used in modern structures.

The rapidly growing use of STAAD.Pro has resulted in a corresponding increase in the demand for knowledgeable and certified STAAD.Pro professionals such as architects, designers, and engineers, in the industry. This field extends many exciting and rewarding job opportunities to the deserving candidates, who aspire to make a successful career in the structural engineering and designing field.
You may be a full-time student, aspiring for a career in the structural designing field, or a professional, already employed in the construction field and looking for career growth, STAAD Pro online training can help you meet your career expectations. When you learn STAAD Pro online, you get complete flexibility and control over the place, time, and pace of your study. Moreover, you get access to many useful online learning resources such as virtual classroom, e-learning content, webinars, on-demand mock tests, practice assignments, instant performance analysis, and even more, that offer you a kind learning experience that is hard to be matched by the conventional training mode.

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