Building your business will and does take as much persistence as sticking to a new years resolution! In both cases in order to become successful you must first set a course of action and one that is realistic or your efforts will fail, guaranteed! This will involve some smart goal setting which is simple nothing more than establishing a plan of action that is both doable and effective! If the goals and course of action are beyond your means they will only succeed in wasting your time!

Here are 3 things you absolutely must have to become successful at either keeping your resolutions or building a profitable business!


It matters little what kind of planning you do or course of action you take to become successful if you can't stay committed! In the large majority of cases whether it is a business you are building or a resolution you are trying to keep, it will involve a process to do so and commitment will be required! Anything short of committing yourself 100% will only result in wasted time and effort on your part!


Central to smart goal setting is having the skills, or ability and willingness to acquire them, that are needed! Before mapping out any course of action to accomplish any goal you may have established you must first be realistic about your own capabilities! Not everybody has the same talents, skills sets or desires but what you do possess needs to reasonably match up with what it is you are trying to achieve! By ignoring to take into account accurately what it is that is within your grasp concerning skills will simply lead to frustration and failure!


Along the same lines as your level of skills you must also consider the resources in terms of finances if needed and time that you have available! Here too if you are not able to devote the time or money needed to become successful at what you've establish concerning either business or personal goals than forget it! It makes little sense to plan for anything if you don't have the necessary resources to actually get it done!

Whether you are building your business or trying to keep new years resolutions in order to become successful at either will require smart goal setting! It makes little sense to attempt to accomplish anything you're not properly equipped for in terms of the 3 things we spoke of here today! Your success will be determined not only by the course of action you take but your ability to stay the course in a productive way! It all begins with staying within your own 'realistic' means and skill sets and maintaining your commitment until you've become successful and reached your goals!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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